Brittani and Sean, ‘My 600 lb Life’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tonight, Brittani and Sean will be the focus of TLCs My 600-Lb Life.

Both have struggled with extreme obesity, and tonight, Brittani will face two painful surgeries to hopefully arrive at her ideal body, while Sean will try and remove himself from his mother’s helicopter parenting.

Read on to learn more about Sean and Brittani.

1. Brittani Originally Weighed 605 Pounds

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Brittani originally weighed 605 lb, but lost 230 lb with the help of weight loss specialist Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

When she originally appeared on the show, she said she couldn’t remember a time when she woke up not in pain, which led to depression. “To be inside of my body, it is pain. It is sadness.” Brittani was forced to sit in a chair to shower, which she said was one of the most exhausting parts of her day.

She even revealed that the weight made her wish she was dead at times. “Most of the time I’m like, ‘Maybe it would be better if I just don’t wake up…’ Because every single day, I look at myself in the mirror and I’m like, ‘What did you do to yourself.'”

2. She Has Said She Was Sexually Abused as a Child, and Turned to Food as a Result

Brittany my 600lb life, sean my 600lb life, Brittany and Sean My 600 lb life


Brittani has revealed that her food addiction stems from being sexually abused by a family member at the age of 5, according to the New York Post. The outlet adds on that she also suffers from a thyroid disease and was diagnosed with cancer in that gland when she was just 10.

According to the Daily Mail, Brittani’s abuse continued for six years. When she graduated high school, she weighed approximately 400 lbs.

3. Brittani Is Married but Says Her Weight Prevented the Couple From Being Intimate

Brittany my 600lb life, sean my 600lb life, Brittany and Sean My 600 lb life


Brittani is married to a man named, Bill, and when they tied the knot, she was 392 pounds. Bill admits on the show that he’s always liked big women, but after packing on the pounds, Brittani refused to let her husband see her naked. “My husband doesn’t see my undress most of the time I don’t walk around naked because I am afraid that he will be absolutely disgusted if he sees me and that he will never look at me the same way again. So, I hide and do nothing all day.”

Now that she’s lost the weight, she and Bill have a happy marriage. “We’re closer together and now intimate like man and wife instead of just roommates,” she says. “We’re like a newly married couple!”

4. Sean Originally Weighed More Than 800 Lb

Brittany my 600alb life, sean my 600lb life, Brittany and Sean My 600 lb life


When we first met him on My 600-lb Life, Sean weighed more than 800lb at just 26-years-old. Originally from Cameron Park, California, he struggled with obesity to the extent that he would have to urinate in a bucket placed at the end of his bed because standing was too difficult, and at times, nearly impossible.

“Every day, I have to wake up and face the reality of what my life has become… I can get up, but I can only walk a few steps.”

Last year, People reported that Sean moved to Houston with his mother, Renee, to undergo weight loss surgery.

5. Sean’s Weight Stems From His Relationship With His Father

My 600 lb Life S04E12 – sean's story 2016empathy …2016-03-31T14:45:27.000Z

Sean’s relationship with his father is what caused him to pack on the pounds. On the TLC show, Sean’s mother says she would feed him to make him feel better about his relationship with his father. “I probably overcompensated in a lot of ways. I couldn’t go to the store without bringing him home a treat.” Renee, herself, also struggled with overeating. “I have an eating disorder myself… And it’s hard to fix in someone else what’s wrong with you.”

Sean’s parents divorced when he was ten. At that time, he weighed over 150 lbs. Speaking about the divorce, Sean divulged on My 600-Lb Life, “I felt like it was my fault, I felt like my family had fallen apart because of me… So I kept going to food to deal with those feelings. I would get out of school and my mom would be at work, so I would just come home and go straight to the fridge. I’d eat everything and anything I could get my hands on.”

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