Cuba Gooding Sr. Cause of Death: How Did Actor’s Father Die?

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Cuba Gooding Sr., a soul singer, and the father of the actor Cuba Gooding Jr., has died, according to TMZ.

The father to the Oscar winning actor “was found dead Thursday in the San Fernando Valley” on April 20, TMZ reports.

The entertainment news site reports that, according to law enforcement sources, Gooding Sr. was found “slumped over in his silver Jaguar, parked on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA. We’re told the fire department responded to the scene at 12:58 PM PT and attempted CPR, but could not resuscitate him.”

What was the cause of death?

TMZ reports that police suspect a possible drug overdose. Cuba Gooding Sr. was 72-years-old.

The elder Gooding was somewhat well known in his own right, developing a singing career. According to the website Cuba, the father was the “lead vocalist of the harmonic convergence known as The Main Ingredient that pumped out such still-played ’70s hits as ‘Everybody Plays The Fool,’ ‘Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely,’ and ‘Happiness Is Just Around The Bend.'” The website said Gooding Sr. “has recorded a new song entitled ‘EVERYBODY’S GOT TO VOTE!'”

The website explained Gooding Sr.’s reasoning for the song title: “In the face of worldwide turmoil, terrorism, obstructionism, and constant threats of government shut-down, Cuba Gooding felt compelled to put out a call to all to get out there and vote. It is more important than ever before that no one sit at home on Election Day. The music was created to have a pop, rock and soul infused melody.”

It quotes him as saying, “We want to appeal to everyone because politics affects us all.”

According to the website, Cuba Gooding was the father of Academy Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and “has been the lead vocalist of The Main Ingredient since 1971. The Gooding era began auspiciously enough with the million-selling smash ‘Everybody Plays the Fool,’ which hit number two R&B and number three pop to become the group’s biggest hit ever.”

Cuba Gooding Sr. had four children with singer wife Shirly Gooding (Omar, April, and Tommy Gooding as well as Cuba Gooding Jr.).

Read more about Gooding Sr. here:


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