George Anthony: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, will be featured as part of Investigation Discovery’s new three-part docuseries, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, airing tonight at 10pm ET/PT.

George no longer speaks to his daughter, and has said he believes she is to blame for Caylee being gone.

Read on to learn more about George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father.

1. He Says He Will Never Talk to His Daughter Again

George Anthony, George Anthony Today, George Anthony Bell, George Anthony and Cindy Anthony, George Anthony Casey Anthony's Father, Casey Anthony Father Sexual Abuse Allegations

Casey Anthony (R) leaves with her attorney Jose Baez from the Booking and Release Center at the Orange County Jail after she was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony on July 17, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. It was unknown where Casey Anthony was going after the release. (Getty)

According to a preview of tonight’s ID documentary, George Anthony says he will never speak to Casey again.

“We are done because when this happened, I lost my daughter and my granddaughter. I lost them both,” Anthony says, according to a National Enquirer report. He then added on, “Justice would be to have my daughter behind bars and have her suffer the way Caylee suffered.”

2. He Has Said He Believes Casey Drugged Her Daughter

George Anthony: Casey drugged CayleeCasey Anthony’s father doesn’t mince words. George Anthony says he believes his daughter drugged Caylee Anthony so she could go out and party. The revelation surprised his wife, Cindy Anthony, when the pair appeared in an interview on “Dr. Phil.”George Anthony says he holds Casey Anthony responsible in the death of his granddaughter. Cindy Anthony…2012-12-03T15:10:35.000Z

In 2011, George Anthony said he believes Casey drugged Caylee to sedate her, so that she could have a night out on the town. On the Dr. Phil show, George said, “Yeah I blame my daughter for Caylee not being here today… I believe she was there and I also believe she probably had some help.” During the interview, George also said:

“Inside of my heart, I don’t believe that Caylee drowned…I believe there’s something else that happened to her…I believe that Casey or someone else that she was with possibly gave too much [drugs] to Caylee…she fell asleep and didn’t wake up.”

Cindy was clearly unaware George felt this way. She responded to his statements by saying, “This is the first time you ever said that to me… I’m really kind of shocked to hear that today.”

3. Casey Has Accused Him of Abusing Her as a Child

In trial, Casey’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, made the argument that George helped dispose of Caylee’s body after she drowned. George adamantly denied his involvement.

Baez also said that Anthony was sexually abused by her father as a child. George denied those claims as well. After weeks of being accused of sexual molestation in court, his lawyer issued a statement saying that he had nothing to do with the actions “established by the State of Florida in the presentation of their case.”

After Casey’s interview with The Associated Press, George and Cindy said they were “hurt” by their daughter’s comments. Their statement read, “After years of silence, Casey Anthony has once again pointed to her father as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter, Caylee… George, who has continued to try and move forward from this tragedy and who was vindicated on multiple occasions, is once again forced to relive the hints, rumors, lies and allegations that are being made by Casey Anthony.” George says his heart “hurts even more now.”

4. A Woman Who Claims to Have Had an Affair With George Testified That He Told Her Caylee’s Death Was an Accident

CNN: George Anthony: 'How dare you'George Anthony gets frustrated and gives emotional testimony in court under direct examination from the defense.2011-06-29T16:12:27.000Z

Krystal Holloway, also known as River Cruz, claims she had an affair with George and that he once told her Caylee’s death was “an accident that snowballed out of control”, according to HLN.

George has denied ever having an affair with Holloway, however, when police came to her home in February 2010, they found a text message from George that read, “Just thinking about you. I need you in my life.” HLN reports Holloway as saying that she initially lied about her relationship with Anthony to avoid getting him in trouble and to stay out of the public eye. Eventually, however, she was forced to come clean.

Holloway took the stand on the 32nd day of trial to discuss her relationship with Mr. Anthony. According to the Huffington Post, Holloway testified that in November 2008, while the search for Caylee’s remains was ongoing, George Anthony came to her home and said that he did not think his daughter, Casey, was “capable of harming his missing granddaughter.”

When George was questioned about his alleged romance with Holloway, he said that he met her working at the command center but he denied having any romantic relationship with her.

5. He Worked in Law Enforcement

Cindy and George Anthony on Today Show 12/15/092009-12-15T14:53:05.000Z

George worked in law enforcement while Casey was growing up.

In her recently published interview with the AP, Casey said, “Cops believe other cops… Cops tend to victimize the victims. … Cops lie to people every day. I’m just one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted they lied. My dad was a cop. You can read into that what you want to.”

Several sources tell People that Casey has not spoken to her family in more than a year. A source reportedly revealed to the outlet, “This family has had struggles for a very long time, and all of them have processed it in their own way.”

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