Hannah Lee Fowler, Sam Hunt’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sam Hunt is taken, ladies. In January 2017, E! News reported that Hunt and his longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Hannah Lee Fowler, had gotten engaged. Get to know Fowler and her relationship with country star Hunt.

1. Hunt Says Fowler Has Inspired Much of His Music

Hunt dished a bit on Fowler when talking about his first studio album “Montevallo.” He told E! News:

I had never visited Montevallo, but right before I left to go to Nashville I met a girl from there. A lot of the experiences I had with her and the relationship I had with her, that inspired a lot of the songwriting on the album.

So, apparently Fowler is from Montevallo. And, Hunt also talked about how Fowler has influenced even more of his songwriting, telling ABC News Radio:

I spent a lot of time talking to her about songs. I probably should have included her as a co-writer on a lot of these songs because I spent a lot of time chatting with her. I got a lot of insight into females in general from being in a close relationship with her. I used a lot of that when writing on the songs, because a lot of the songs are relationship-based. I didn’t want it to be just extra-macho.

Hunt even says her name is his song “Drinkin’ Too Much”, with the lyrics, “Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you. Nobody can love you like I do.”

2. According to Hunt, He Would Be a Bachelor If Not For Fowler

According to The Boot, Hunt said that if it wasn’t for Fowler, he’d just be single. When talking about his engagement, he said to Nash Country Daily:

I’m excited about it. It’s something that, in life, you know, we all think about [when] growing up, and you think, ‘One day,’ and one day finally came, and I couldn’t be happier. It was either her or push on as a bachelor. I realized she was meant to be a part of my life, and when I realized that, as fast as I could, I went to try to convince her that was the way it needed to be.

The couple reportedly had been dating off and on for a decade.

3. Fowler’s Father Is a Pastor

Fowler’s dad Scott is a pastor at Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church and he originally hails from Memphis, Tennessee. According to the church’s website, Fowler’s father met her mother Linda at a local church’s singles fellowship in Memphis. They’ve been married approximately three decades and have seven children including Hannah Lee Fowler.

4. The Couple Had a Disagreement That Caused a Hiccup With the Proposal


When Hunt was going to propose to his fiancee, he stated that they had a little disagreement that put a slight hitch in his plans. He explained:

I think because I felt like this disagreement spoiled my big plan to ask her to marry me, it irritated me a little more, which contributed to making the little fight worse, and it escalated to the point where it actually worked out. We got real for a minute, after this little riff that we had. In that moment, it just felt perfect. Everything — after I asked her to marry me — just fizzled away, and we celebrated and got excited together.

Recently, Hunt told The Boot that their wedding is coming up soon.

5. Hannah Lee Fowler’s Family Is Very Close

Like many families, the Fowlers are very close. For Fowler’s most recent birthday, her sister Rebekah posted the following message on Instagram:

Happy birthday Hannah Lee!! There are so many things to say! You are the best workout partner. You will push me to close death and then convince me faster than anyone to eat an entire pie after we workout. Because carbs and sugar are everything. You have the most grotesque humor. You are an extremely hard worker and save lives on the reg #nurse. You have incredible confidence and could care less what other people think about you. I love that about you. You also love so deeply. You are so passionate to live life, to live your life. Your trust in Jesus has strengthened my own. Your ankles are oddly flexible. Your ears are so tiny. You have been an example but also a best friend to Sarah and I for years and years and years and years… but not that many years because you aren’t that old. I just love you so much. Few people really have the chance to get to know you deeply. I feel very fortunate to be one of those. Happy birthday hannah!

Fowler’s six siblings are Joshua, Rebekah, Sarah, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Daniel.

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