‘Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition’ Cast 2017

'Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition' Cast 2017

For those of you who have seen celebrity couples try to mend their relationships on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, the show has taken a new turn. Welcome to Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition. Dr. Ish and Dr. V are helping a group of celebrities manage the dysfunction in their families instead of their romantic relationships. Some of the cast members find the therapists to be very attractive, but they'll have to look past the sex appeal and focus on fixing their family connections. Drugs, cheating, assault, abandonment, and destruction are all issues that this season's cast members deal with. On the premiere episode, each of the cast members arrive and get to know each other. Not long into the episode, some already start to butt heads with one another. And, when the cast members find out that they are all sharing rooms with their relatives, tensions run high. Tonight's premiere episode is titled "Wreck the Halls" and the official episode synopsis reads: Four reality stars and their toxic family members check into Boot Camp as a last resort; after two years of silence, Kendra and Patti face off; a surprise holiday celebration sparks a brutal confrontation. And, of course, like all seasons, the cast members will be confronted with life and death moments. This season's death situation takes place on episode two, which is titled "Close Your Coffin." The official plot description states: A birthday bash takes a deadly turn; families say final goodbyes at a surprise funeral; Paula unleashes her rage while the Sorrentinos' loyal brotherhood destructs; Kendra faces her worst nightmare - her mother. Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE TV. Click through our cast gallery for details on each of the cast members and the issues they are dealing with this season. (WeTV)




Farrah is the bully with her words to her parents I think she use them and if they don’t do it how she wants she gets mad. I can’t wait until her daughter gets older and Farrah will see the light on how she treats her parents.So Farrah u where saying u hate bullies I guess u hate your self because u are the biggest bully around to your ex the people that work for u and to the people on the TV show. Your mother and father did the best,they r not prefect Just like you r doing the best on raising your daughter.So be nice Farrah so your daughter will be proud of you.

Anne Marie Preston

I think Farrah is a bitch and Mean and very hateful person

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