McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce: Top 10 Best Memes from Rick and Morty Premiere

The popularity of McDonald's Szechuan sauce is still going strong, thanks to Rick and Morty's Season 3 premiere. Fans are still clamoring for McDonald's to bring back the delicious sauce, and they're still signing petitions by the thousands. It's only a matter of time before we start seeing people changing their Facebook profiles in honor of the Szechuan sauce. In fact, some people are already bidding on photos of Szechuan sauce on ebay, with some auctions reaching thousands of dollars from people who may have just a little too much money on their hands. As the Szechuan popularity continues to rise, so do memes made in Szechuan's honor. Here are some of the best memes and tweets about McDonald's Szechuan sauce. Click through the gallery to see them all. (Adult Swim/Rick and Morty)