McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce: Top 10 Best Memes from Rick and Morty Premiere

Everyone Wants the Szechuan Sauce

This is one of our favorite memes because of how clever it is, and also because you get to see a photo of what the Szechuan sauce originally looked like. (And apparently it was spelled SzeChuan with the "c" capitalized!) The Szechuan Sauce was only offered temporarily during a promotion for Mulan in the late 1990s. But thanks to the phenomenon that is Rick and Morty, thousands of people are now clamoring for Szechuan sauce and McDonald’s just might bring it back. This all got started when Rick and Morty‘s Season 3 premiere was released unexpectedly on April Fool’s. The end of the episode featured Rick telling Morty that he was doing everything pretty much because he wanted to taste that Szechuan sauce again. (Twitter/TheLozon)