McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce: Top 10 Best Memes from Rick and Morty Premiere

McDonald's Employees May Be Getting Tired of the Szechuan Sauce Joke

On Twitter, a lot of people are talking about how they've gone to the drive through at McDonald's and asked for the Szechuan Sauce. Imagine being someone who worked there and didn't watch Rick and Morty. You'd really be wondering why everyone was so interested in this sauce all of a sudden!

Fans figure there's little chance McDonald’s will bring back that delicious sauce, since McDonald’s no longer works with Disney. Even though a live-action Mulan is premiering in 2018, the chances of a promotion seem slim. Back in 2006, Disney’s promotional agreement with McDonald’s ended. Disney had a cross-promotional deal with McDonald’s that included having figurines from its movies in McDonald’s Happy Meals. But Disney ended that deal, stating that part of the reason was because the company wanted to distance itself from fast food and its link to childhood obesity. But dreams of Szechuan may not be over. A corporate chef from McDonald’s, Mike Haracz, tweeted that he will “see what I can do” about bringing the recipe back. The tweet came from his personal account and was not an official statement from McDonald’s. (Twitter/DanzaDragon)