Sheree Whitfield’s House Pictures 2017

Sheree Whitfield's House

For approximately four years, Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers have been waiting for Chateau Sheree to be finished. Even her co-stars have busted her chops for Whitfield's taking so long to finish building and decorating her house. There have often been rumors that Whitfield didn't have the money to build her home, but she recently proclaimed to her ex-husband on RHOA that she built this house herself because she doesn't want to ever rely on a man again. When her divorced left her in the financial lurch, she said that she vowed to be more independent. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Whitfield only has a net worth of $100,000, so it makes fans wonder how she had the money to build such an extravagant home. According to Radar Online, Whitfield has been hit with almost $300,000 in unpaid federal tax liens, but Whitfield has often denied any financial issues on RHOA. For more information on Chateau Sheree and Whitfield, click through our gallery of the best pictures of Whitfield's home via her Instagram account. (Instagram/ShereeWhitfield)



Janet Coney

Why? Her children are adults. She is apparently not wealthy. Why?

Beatrice Powell

What does a person need with a house so big?? It will only end up being a problem.


I agree happy for her but why try to keep up with the Jones’s
I pray she can maintain the up keep