Brothers Steven and Justin Assanti, ‘My 600lb Life’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brothers Steven and Justin Assanti, Brothers on My 600 lb Life April 5, Assanti Brothers My 600 lb Life


Tonight, TLC’s My 600 LB Life will focus on Justin and Steven Assanti, two brothers who cant stand one another, but weigh nearly 1400 pounds combined.

Read on to learn more about Steven and Justin Assanti.

1. Steven Was Kicked out of a Rhode Island Hospital for Violating His Health Plan

In 2015, Steven was hospitalized for a leg infection, and says he was the victim when the hospital kicked him out for ordering a pizza– a food that violated his health plan.

Steven’s father grew concerned that his son’s removal from hospital care would cost him his life, so he called a number of facilities across Rhode Island to seek assistance. “I called every doctor in the state of Roode Island, but no one can help,” he tells TLC. Eventually, Steven’s father was able to find a doctor in Houston who offered to treat Steven. In TLC’s interview with that doctor, he said, “Steven Assanti is being transported to my care in Houston… and I’m not sure what to expect. From what I understand, he suffers from severe psychological issues that make it problematic to treat him.”

During his time at Rhode Island Hospital, Assanti lost 20 pounds. When he entered the facility, he was 778 pounds. According to the The Daily Mail, he was supposed to remain in the hospital until he got down to 550 pounds.

2. He Has Filmed Videos of Himself Mocking Taxpayers and Harassing Nurses

In videos that Steven uploaded to Youtube himself, he can be seen harassing nurses and mocking the taxpayers who pay for his treatment. One video, titled “I Need Help”, shows him yelling for a nurse to come to his room because a machine wouldn’t stop beeping. Later in the video, he goes so far as to start playing Britney Spears’ “Give Me More” as he makes crude gestures.

John Assanti, Steven Assanti Youtube Video


In another video, “F*** The Tax Payers!”, Steven says, “Thank you for paying taxes because without you, I would not have this urinal to pee in…. So I want to say thank you and you know what? I wouldn’t have this laptop I’m on if it wasn’t for you god—- taxpayers and I wouldn’t have this camera or this f—ing telephone right here if it wasn’t for you taxpayers… Thank you very much, I decided to s— on each and everyone of you taxpayers and just say ha ha.”

3. Steven Filmed a Video Application for ‘the Biggest Loser’

Steven filmed a video application for The Biggest Loser in 2010.

In the video, Steven says, “I weigh over… I’m so ashamed to say this… but 600 pounds. Um… I’m just… I really need help. I really do. This is my last resort…I’m so tired of being trapped in this body…”

Steven is well aware of the health risks his addiction poses, but he says when he has the urges to eat, it’s nearly impossible to give in. He tells TLC, “[I] can’t resist the cravings…”

4. Steven and Justin Cannot Stand One Another

Brothers Steven and Justin Assanti, Brothers on My 600 lb Life April 5, Assanti Brothers My 600 lb Life


Steven and Justin don’t get along.

Justin tells TLC’s cameras, “We just don’t get along.” Justin says he spends most of the day in the house– he plays monopoly and video games, and rarely leaves. “I know I’m gaining a lot [of weight], and I’m worried I’m going to end up like Steven, stuck in a bed everyday. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

Justin does admit that things improved for him when Steven moved out of the house four months prior, but holds onto the fear that his brother will return. “I’m glad Steven is gone, and if he ever comes back to live here agin, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle it.” Justin continues, “Ever since we were really young, we just never have gotten along. Our childhood was rough, and Steven just made it a lot rougher.”

5. Steven Appeared on Dr. Phil in 2007

In 2007, Steven appeared on Dr. Phil. As of 2015, according to a CBS article, he dreams of one day becoming an actor. He even “doodles his name on scrap paper, a long-standing habit, in case people start asking for his autograph someday,” according to the outlet.