‘The White Princess’: Meet the Cast

Jodie Comer as Elizabeth of York, Queen of England

Jodie Comer is a 24-year-old actress from Liverpool, England. She's best known for playing Chloe Gemell on the comedy-drama series My Mad Fat Diary and Ivy Moxam in the BBC miniseries Thirteen. According to W, The White Princess is Comer's first American screen credit, and one that she was drawn to from the start. She recently told the outlet, "For an era when women were expected to conform, these women are totally in charge of the show... To read a piece of material from a period drama told from the woman’s perspective is just so unique.” Speaking about her character's personality with Harper's Bazaar recently, Comer said, "She's got a lot of sass. When she starts the series, she's so young and she's very wise. She was in love with Richard and she's been forced into this marriage, and she doesn't shy away from letting these people [the Tudors] know that without her, this can't happen. They need her... I think it was so important [to show] that, and I get a sense that that's what the fans want as well." (Getty)

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