Who Dies on ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Tonight? [SPOILERS]

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

During almost every episode of The Walking Dead, someone dies. But tonight is different. It’s the season finale, which means we will likely be left with a higher body count than even regular episodes have (except maybe the Season 7 premiere.) We’ll let you know what we know so far about what happens tonight and we will update this post as the episode airs.

This post has spoilers through the Season 7 finale and will be updated live.

At the end of last week’s episode, Sasha got a poisoned pill from Eugene, but it was unclear if she was going to use it right away or not. Fans think someone we like will die, and it might be Ezekiel, Jerry, Daryl, or Rosita. Maybe even Eugene. Some fans are also wondering if Negan will be taken out or if he’ll survive for another season, a la the Governor. Last week we were lulled into a false sense of security since no major character died — only David, one of the Saviors.

Here’s who died in the finale.

Throughout the episode, there were hints that Sasha might die, since there was so much of a focus on her, her flashbacks with Abraham, and listening to music.

But then, the Junkyard gang turned on Rick’s group. Negan outmaneuvered Rick and his allies.

The first person to die in the finale was Sasha, following the hints we were given early on in the episode. She took a poisoned pill that Eugene gave her, died while in the casket, and attacked Negan as a Walker when he opened the casket. Negan didn’t die. But one of the Saviors that pulled Sasha off him did.

Rick was shot and kicked off a wall, and Rosita was shot during the exchange of gunfire. But neither died.

A number of unnamed Alexandrians died in the fight. We see their bodies on the ground.

Later, an epic battle took place. No main characters died. Michonne survived. Rick survived. Carl survived. Daryl survived. A lot of unnamed Alexandrians, Junkyard people, and Saviors died. (And we saw Shiva do two epic takedowns.) But no major characters died in the big battle after Sasha died.

In the end, only Sasha died, along with unnamed people who were fighting the battles.