Whose Watch Was Maggie Holding on ‘The Walking Dead’?

maggie watch

Maggie (AMC/The Walking Dead)

Maggie was one of the heroes of The Walking Dead finale. Her speech at the end was amazing. But after seeing the finale, some fans are trying to remember the significance of the watch she was holding. And indeed, it was very important.

This article has spoilers through the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead.

You see, the watch first belonged to Maggie’s dad, Hershel. Hershel gave the watch to Glenn as a sign of his approval — that he approved of Glenn being with his daughter.

Ever since Glenn died, Maggie has had the watch, except for one time when she gave the watch to Enid:

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But it appears that Maggie has the watch again.

Her carrying the watch is a sign that she is carrying on not only Glenn’s legacy, but her dad’s too. Both men were strong. Both men sacrificed for the people they loved.

When Maggie had to make a decision about whether to help Rick in battle, it was easy because of the decision Glenn made back in the series premiere.

She’s following the path led before her.

Maggie is a true leader, the opposite of Negan. Perhaps she will rebuild in the ashes of Negan’s community if he is ever defeated.