Christine Taylor & Ben Stiller Split: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ben Stiller wife


Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have split. On May 26, 2017, the couple released a statement announcing their decision to separate.

“With tremendous love and respect for each other, and the 18 years we spent together as a couple, we have made the decision to separate. Our priority will continue to be raising our children as devoted parents and the closest of friends. We kindly ask that the media respect our privacy at this time,” the couple said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

Here is what you need to know:

1. They Were Married for 17 Years

Ben Stiller wife


Taylor and Stiller met while filming the television show, Heat Vision And Jack in the late 90s. In May 2001, the couple wed in an oceanfront ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii.

“[Our] relationship was a gradual thing that happened over a quick period of time, maybe seven or eight months. We just started hanging out with each other and it developed into, ‘Wow, this feels great. I really like this person. I think I love this person. I really do – I love this person.’ It hit me out of the blue,” Stiller told Parade back in December 2013.

Just last year, Stiller chatted with Entertainment Tonight about how he and Taylor had made their relationship work for so long. His answer? Laughter.

“I think you got to laugh. Because you know after a while you know life is life you know? We all have to deal with what life throws at us, so you got to have a sense of humor about it. If you can share that, at the end, it makes a huge difference,” Stiller told Entertainment Tonight.

2. They Have 2 Children Together

Ben Stiller wife


Taylor has two children with Stiller. Their daughter, Ella Olivia, was born in April of 2002, and their son, Quinlin Dempsey, was born in July of 2005.

With two children in their pre-teen/teenage, things haven’t always been easy, but Taylor and Stiller have done their best to be “cool” parents.

“I said to my daughter, ‘You can talk to me about anything. I’m a cool mom. You don’t have to be embarrassed. You can tell me anything. And she goes, ‘You just saying that made you uncool.’ We’re at the age where our daughter gets embarrassed of us no matter what we do,” Taylor told People Magazine in 2014.

3. Taylor’s Television Career Began in the 80s

Ben Stiller wife


Taylor started off in the entertainment industry in 1989 with a role Nickelodeon’s Hey Dude. Through 1991, Taylor played the role of lifeguard Melody Hanson. Over the next couple of years, Taylor took on roles in Blossom and Saved By the Bell.

In 1995, Taylor got her big movie break, landing the role of Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie (she reprised the role years later in A Very Brady Sequel).

Taylor made several guest appearances on shows like Seinfeld and Friends in the 90s. In 1998, Taylor starred in The Wedding Singer and in 2001, she starred in Zoolander, alongside Stiller. Since then, Taylor has well over a dozen credits to her name.

Most recently, Taylor starred as Ms. Linquest in Elementary.

4. The Pair Went Vegan a Few Years Ago

Ben Stiller wife


Several years ago, Taylor and Stiller decided to embrace a healthy lifestyle by going completely vegan. When the former couple tried to get their kids involved in clean eating, however, it took a bit of convincing.

“Ben and I make these green drinks in the morning and they look at us like it’s from another planet,” Taylor told People Magazine back in 2012. “I joke, ‘Just join the party! Don’t complain so much, just join us,'” she added.

The duo decided to switch to a plant-based diet and they made a big effort to change their way of eating in hopes of obtaining a more healthy lifestyle overall. While it was a little bit tricky at the time, especially when it came to their kids, Taylor seemed happy with their progress.

“It really has changed our energy level. Sometimes you don’t realize it until someone says it to you, like, ‘Your skin looks amazing,'” Taylor said.

Known for her healthy ways and love of organic products, Taylor became the face of Nourish, an organic beauty line.

“Well, when I had my children, I started to look at labels more. I was always health conscious about food and I would try to buy organic and eat as cleanly as possible, but when I had these little babies, I was all about looking at the labels of the creams and the lotions and shampoos and I didn’t want any chemicals. It really took me a while to connect the dots that what you’re putting on your body is just as important as what you’re putting in your body. So when Nourish came along, it was one of those stories where I got to meet the brains and the incredible guys behind it and we just clicked. It was amazing to me because they put these products in front of me, which are packaged beautifully. The girl in me loves the pretty packaging but nine times out of ten, that pretty packaging would be terrible and wouldn’t work well. So when I sat down to look at these products, they were beautiful to look at. The product themselves work extremely well. And the big kicker for me: each product is under ten dollars, which is unheard of,” Taylor told Fitness Magazine back in 2013.

5. They Have Appeared in Several Films Together

Ben Stiller wife


Taylor and Stiller have a history. Although the two have their own careers separate from one another, they have also appeared in several films together. Dodgeball, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, and Zoolander 2 have both actors named in the credits.

In a 2004 interview, Stiller opened up about working with Taylor on Dodgeball.

“It was interesting because we got to sort of have fun. And somehow she thought it was funny, this character. She wasn’t really repulsed by it, at least that’s what she told me. The mustache had a life of its own, I don’t know if you noticed. Yeah, the pump up thing… I don’t know, it was fun. We had fun, we were laughing a lot, we got to spend time together which was good. When you’re working, you don’t get to do that. And she, we just connect on that level, where we like, we laugh at the same things, so it was actually really fun and therapeutic. It’s always good to throw balls at each other. It would be good therapy, good couples therapy,” he told IGN.

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