Chris Blue On ‘The Voice’ 2017 Finale as Coach Alicia Keys Quits the Show

Alicia Keys has one contestant left on her team in the 2017 finale of The Voice, and she has hung onto singer Chris Blue throughout the season. Just as Blue enters the grand finale on the show, we say goodbye to Alicia Keys, who has previously announced that she is leaving. Reminiscing about her time on The Voice, as well as her working with Blue, Keys posted the following comments on Instagram:

@ChrisBLive has been magic since the beginning! I’m so grateful to have witnessed his unbelievable artistry week after week! his is our last chance to show him our love and support! Let’s see him take home the trophy!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Keys opened up about why she’s decided to step away from The Voice and she said:

I can’t wait for you to hear new music, and so that’s one of the reasons why I won’t be able to come back next season. But I love writing. It’s just the most beautiful, exciting things, and every time I get better. That’s the blessing and magic of writing.

Keys also confirmed to TV Insider:

Who knows what the future holds, but I know this one is my final season.

In response to Keys saying this, fellow Voice coach Shelton joked:

I know she’s not going anywhere. It’s all just a media thing, a ploy. She’ll be back next year and the year after that. They are going to wait and do some, you know, Carson [Daly] is going to be in the Orange Room at the Today show and be like, ‘Oh, what? This just in! Wow!’

Keys does say that she hasn’t ruled out an eventual return to the show, but for now, she’s done. As for singer Chris Blue, however, he’s just getting started.

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