Chris Hardwick & Lydia Hearst: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chris Hardwick Lydia Hearst, Chris Hardwick wife, Lydia Hearst husband

Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst in February 2017. (Getty)

Chris Hardwick, the host of NBC‘s 2017 Red Nose Day Special and The Wall, is married to Lydia Hearst. The two have been married since August 2016 and do not have any children.

The 45-year-old Hardwick is the CEO of Nerdist Industries and has found a way to be everywhere at once. He’s the host of NBC’s The Wall primetime gameshow and the host of Comedy Central’s @midnight. He also hosts AMC’s Talking Dead during The Walking Dead‘s seasons and is a guest judge in the upcoming season of NBC’sAmerica’s Got Talent. @midnight also earned him a 2014 Emmy for Original Interactive Program.

As for the 32-year-old Hearst, she is an heiress, model, actress and fashion blogger. Her maternal great-grandfather was the famous publisher William Randolph Hearst. Her mother is Patty Hearst, who was famously kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974. You can find Hearst’s professional website here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hearst Said Hardwick First Proposed to Her With a Candy Engagement Ring

Chris Hardwick Lydia Hearst, Chris Hardwick wife, Lydia Hearst husband


Hearst and Hardwick got engaged in September 2015. She told People Magazine at the time that Hardwick really did propose to her with a candy ring. He later used Hearst’s grandmother’s ring for the real thing though. She told the magazine that she was getting the candy ring framed.

Hardwick later posted a picture of the beautiful engagement ring on Instagram. He wrote in the caption:

“My biggest win of the night was actually @lydiahearst saying YES!!!! This ring belonged to her grandmother Catherine Hearst and @patriciahearst has graciously and wonderfully passed it down to me to give to Lydia. IT’S OFFICIAL!!! What an absolutely perfect and amazing night!! I love this woman with all my heart….#YesThisMeansWhatYouThinkItMeans”

Hearst told People that Hardwick proposed to her in a room full of flowers and she was shocked. The proposal was the night of the Creative Arts Emmys, after Hardwick won.

Hardwick “opened the door and the whole floor was covered in purple rose petals and there were bouquets of wild flowers and orchids all over the room,” Hearst told People. “It was dimly lit with candles and he proposed. He got on one knee and gave me a candy ring.”

2. Hearst & Hardwick Met During an Episode of ‘Talking Dead,’ the Day After His Dad Died

Chris Hardwick on meeting Lydia HearstChris Hardwick after the Walking Dead (and Talking Dead) season 6 finale (April 3, 2016) held a facebook live session, from where this excerpt is. Video: I don't own anything, just posting this for emotional reasons.2016-08-22T01:18:56.000Z

During a Facebook live session in April 2016, Hardwick revealed how he met Hearst, with her sitting behind him on a couch. In the video, seen above, Hardwick said they met during production of a Talking Dead episode.

The two first met in 2013, when Hearst was a member of the audience. The guy who does Hardwick’s hair, Sean James, also worked with Hearst a week before this. It was the day after Hardwick’s father, Billy Hardwick, died from a heart attack.

After the show, he was introduced to Lydia, a “bright ray of sunshine,” as Hardwick described her. He learned that Hearst was going through something similar, as her father was battling cancer and died a month after Hardwick and Hearst met.

Six or seven months go by and the two never talked. But the guy who does Hardwick’s hair suggested he call Lydia again. He agreed to, thinking it would be a surprise. The hairdresser already told Hearst that he would be calling and agreed to go out with him! So, if it wasn’t for The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead, he never would have met his wife.

Hearst also recounted this story to Harber’s Bazaar.

“I think I still have the first voicemail Chris ever left me saved on my phone (that’s right he actually called me, he didn’t text!) and I will never forget our first few dates,” Hearst told Harper’s Bazaar. “They were very sweet, and a lot of fun with casual dinners at various restaurants, a trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and ice cream (I love sweets!).”

3. They Survived Going Long-Distance When Hearst Starred in ‘South of Hell’

Chris Hardwick Lydia Hearst, Chris Hardwick wife, Lydia Hearst husband


In her Harper’s Bazaar post-wedding interview, Hearst said the early days of their relationship were long-distance because Hearst got a job in a short-lived show called South of Hell, which filmed in Charleston for six months.

“So much of our relationship’s beginning was spent really getting to know one another over the phone and through FaceTime conversations,” Hearst said. “It turned out to be really wonderful–we were forced to talk and discover who each of us were and how well we truly got along.”

She added that their relationship “flourished” after filming wrapped. “We have had nothing but a relationship filled with romance and adventure; it’s a real life love-story,” she told the magazine.

South of Hell was a short-lived horror seires that starred Mena Suvari. It aired on WE tv and was Hearst’s first starring role on television. She’s currently working on several movies, including 50K, The Downside of Bliss and Zelda’s Pepperonis.

4. The Couple Married in Pasadena With 650 Guests

Chris Hardwick Lydia Hearst, Chris Hardwick wife, Lydia Hearst husband


Hearst’s rep confirmed to Us Weekly that the two tied the knot on August 20, 2016. The couple were married at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California with 650 guests.

Hearst were a custom pink Christian Siriano gown with Stuart Weitzman shoes. Hardwick wore a custom Prada suit.

The wedding was filled with references to their shared love for all things geek culture. The Daily Mail notes that the couple had a Doctor Who cake and a Walking Dead-themed Save The Date card. Even the water bottles they gave guests had the Doctor Who Tardis on the labels. The logo spelled out “L” and “C.”

“We are unconventional,” Hearst told Harper’s Bazaar. “We do not have your typical bridal party, just my sister and his brother will be standing there with us. There will also be robots and zombies, of course!”

5. They Have a Very Strange Design Scheme at Their Los Feliz Home: ‘Victorian Gentleman Serial Killer’

Chris Hardwick Lydia Hearst, Chris Hardwick wife, Lydia Hearst husband


In an interview with People Magazine in January, Hearst and Hardwick said they have a very strange design scheme for their recently renovated home.

“I have a name for it. I call it ‘Victorian Gentleman Serial Killer,'” Hardwick told the magazine. “It’s a lot of antiques. A lot of old-timey stuff. A lot of vintage taxidermy and old science equipment, so it kind of looks like a natural history museum.”

Hearst buys horror movie props, so it’s actually Hardwick who has to be the one to stop their growing collection. “Yeah, she buys horror movie props, which I love, but we’re running out of room,” Hardwick told People.

In October 2015, The Los Angeles times reported that the couple bought a historic gated estate in Los Felix for $11 million.

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