Deborah Moore, Roger’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Roger Moore wife, Roger Moore wife Kristina, Roger Moore wife Kristina Tholstrup

Roger Moore and his wife Kristina Tholstrup attend A Night Out With Michael Caine at Royal Albert Hall on October 1, 2014 in London, England. (Getty)

Legendary actor Roger Moore, known for portraying James Bond, has died at the age of 89.

Moore is survived by his wife, Kristina Tholstrup, and his three children: Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian.

So who is Deborah Moore, the daughter of Roger Moore? Here’s what you need to know about her.

1. Her Mother Is Luisa Mattioli, Roger Moore’s Third Wife

Roger Moore children, Roger Moore wife, Roger Moore wife Luisa Mattioli

Roger Moore with his wife Luisa Mattioli and their children at London Airport, in January 1971. (Getty)

Deborah Moore is the daughter of Roger Moore and Luisa Mattioli.

Luisa Mattioli is an actress who was Roger Moore’s third wife; they were married from 1969 until 2000, although they spent the last few years separated as Roger Moore was with his new girlfriend, Kristina Tholstrup, whom he would later marry.

Deborah Moore was Roger and Luisa’s first child together. They went on to have two sons, Geoffrey and Christian.

Deborah Moore followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actor, getting her start as a young child by appearing on an episode of The Persuaders. In his book My Word is My Bond, Roger Moore says that Deborah volunteered to be an episode.

“I dressed her in her own school uniform and came in for a bit of an ear-bending from her headmistress afterwards for not clearing permission,” he writes. “Luisa came to the location that day and began telling Deborah what to do. Not having any of it, Deborah said, ‘Daddy is the director, not you.’ That did not go down at all well, let me tell you.”

2. She Was in ‘Die Another Day’

Deborah Moore, Deborah Moore die another day, roger moore daughter deborah

Deborah Moore in ‘Die Another Day.’ (20th Century Fox)

Deborah Moore had a small role in a James Bond movie. This wasn’t one of Roger Moore’s Bond films, though. Rather, Deborah had a cameo in Die Another Day, which was Pierce Brosnan’s final Bond movie. Deborah plays a flight attendant and only appears on screen for a brief moment.

However, Deborah does get a closeup shot, which lasts about two seconds.

Deborah Moore has since said that she wants to be in another Bond film, but under one condition.

“I would like to be in another one, but only if I could play the villain,” she told The Telegraph. “I am certainly not going to be the big-boobed glamour puss, so I would rather be the evil one.”

Moore went on to give her stamp of approval to Daniel Craig, the current James Bond.

“I think Daniel is fantastic,” she said. “They had to go with the times and be more like the other films of that ilk where there is a hero.”

3. She Starred Opposite Her Father in ‘Bullseye!

Bullseye Trailer 1990Bullseye Trailer 1990 Director: Michael Winner Starring: Jenny Seagrove, John Cleese, Michael Caine, Patsy Kensit, Roger Moore, Sally Kirkland Official Content From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Two scientists become involved with two professional thieves who are their exact doubles. A strong cast misses the target! Movie, Bullseye Movie,Bullseye Trailer,Bullseye 1990, Michael Winner,Jenny Seagrove, John Cleese,…2014-10-21T15:57:01.000Z

Deborah Moore had the opportunity to star alongside her father in one film, Bullseye! 

This was a 1990 comedy starring Roger Moore and Michael Caine. Moore did not just have a cameo, though; rather, she played a supporting character, Flo Fleming, who gets a decent amount of screen time.

Bullseye! received mostly negative reviews and was never released on DVD, although a digital copy is available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video.

At the time that this film was shot, Deborah had just recently graduated from college.

4. She Was the Face of Scottish Widows & Recently Has Done Voiceover Work for Video Games

Scottish Widows 1989 UK Commercial2016-09-07T23:22:23.000Z

The role a lot of people might recognize Deborah Moore for is not a film, but rather a commercial.

From 1986 through 1994, Deborah Moore was the face of Scottish Widows, an investment company, starring in a number of television commercials for them. Over the years, Scottish Widows has been represented by this same character, with a different actress portraying her every few years. From 1986 through 1994, it was Deborah Moore. From 1994 to 2005, it was Amanda Lamb. From 2005 through 2014, it was Hayley Hunt. And from 2014 to the present day, it is Amber Martinez.

More recently, Deborah Moore had a small role in the BBC series Sherlock. In the Season 1 finale, “The Great Game,” she plays one of the victims of Moriarty; in the credits, she is listed as “Crying Woman.”

In addition, Moore has done voiceover work for video games. She provided voices for the games Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars: Battlefront, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Origins.

5. Her Father Wanted Her to Pursue a Career in Medicine

Roger Moore daughter, Roger Moore daughter deborah, deborah moore roger moore

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 18: Roger Moore, wife Kiki and daughter Deborah attend the screening of the film “The Ladykillers” at the Palais des Festivals during the 57th International Cannes Film Festival May 18, 2004 in Cannes, France. (Photo by /Getty Images)

Even though he is an actor himself, Roger Moore says that he was very much against Deborah Moore pursuing a career in Hollywood.

Instead, he writes in the book My Word Is My Bond that he wanted her to go into medicine.

“In her teens, Deborah, much against my better wishes, decided she wanted to be an actress,” he writes. “Maybe after working with me on The Persuaders she thought it was a fun occupation? Being a hypochondriac, I had wanted her to study medicine: there’s nothing like free medical care close at hand.”

Moore went on to say that he did support her decision to become an actor, though, and feels that she has become a great one.

“She made me feel very proud,” he writes in My Word is My Bond. “She is a very good and talented actress and has appeared in film, TV, on stage and, famously, as the Scottish Widow in the insurance company’s series of TV commercials. Each time I see her perform she gets better and better. Now all she needs is a bit of good luck; that one part that will take her to the great heights she deserves.”

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