LISTEN: Bill Cosby’s Daughters Statement on Rape Allegations

One of Cosby’s daughters says her father has been “publicly lynched” in the media. In a group of statements that were first played on The Breakfast Club on May 15. Cosby has four daughters with his long-term wife, Camille. They are Erika, Erinn, Ensa and Evin. The couple’s son, Ennis, was murdered in January 1997 in a random attack.

The statements come from Ensa and Erinn.

Since May 2016, Cosby has been out on bail. His trial will begin in Pennsylvania on June 5, 2017.

The first statement is from Ensa, she accuses the media of racism, citing that if the case involved a white man, it would be considered a case of “boys will be boys.” While Erinn Cosby said it was “truly unbelievable” that her father has been found guilty in the court of public opinion. Erinn says she is “ashamed of our country today.” Both daughters maintain their father’s innocence. She refers to the case as being a “money maker.”

Through tears, Erinn Cosby then states that she “does not care” about what people think about her prior relationship with her father. A Washington Post feature from the summer of 2016 recaps when Erin Cosby accused Mike Tyson of rape in 1989. Her father did not support her allegations. Her then lawyer, Louis Terminello, told the Post:

[Bill Cosby] played more of a conciliatory role. She thought he should have handled it more like a father-daughter than like a politician or celebrity.

I don’t think [Bill Cosby] quite looked at it that way.




Lynched? That would have been fitting, but he’s still in his ivory tower, b^tch. Hopefully, it gets knocked down even if it’s one brick at a time!!

Beth Ferrier

I am a survivor of the Cosby and know all to well what a deceiving sexual predator he is. The time has come for Cosby to speak the truth and pay the price for his crime


Sorry, Beth, but you haven’t begun to make your case. And you demonstrate zero interest in Sexual Assault Prevention. Those messages work against you and your crowd of accusers, and won’t put a dime in your pocket. Whether you were assaulted or not, I don’t know. But I do know that you are lowly.

The first “I have a story ONLY” accuser who pushes the message, “DON’T LET YOURSELF WIND UP IN MY SHOES,” will have my respect. But Cosby’s accusers care nothing about Sexual Assault Prevention, and neither does the media that supports them. What sort of message do you want in your child’s head, should he or she be victimized by a sexual predator? Optimally, your child will CALL FOR HELP. But the media, knowing the public is stupid, is actually telling us THERE IS NO OPTIMAL TIME TO COME FORWARD (Seth Meyers). That is a lie. It works to the media’s advantage (they love stories), but totally against your child’s best interests. The Optimal Time is Immediately After. That way, you get the Optimal Police Report and Rape Kit.

Today’s media actually looks to social media, to a crowd lower than the Lowest Common Denominator, for cues on how to play their stories. They’ll tell you the problem is people who actually question the things they are told. They’ll tell you that Cosby had more power than Dracula over not only his “victims”, but over literally everyone in his midst, for over four decades. That’s entertainment, for some people. But your kids are getting sexually assaulted, and not grasping the Vital Importance of Using the Tools at Their Disposal to Obtain Justice, only because you love your daily dirt, and the media will stoop to any level to please you.

(Not looking at replies. Thanks for reading my post.)