‘House of Cards’ Refresher: Will Conway’s Storyline With the House Intelligence Committee

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Will Conway on ‘House of Cards.’ (Netflix)

House of Cards is about to drop its fifth season on Netflix. In Season 5 of the show, the 2016 election will take place, with the candidates for president being Will Conway and Frank Underwood. Both men were dealing with significant scandals heading into the election, with Will Conway’s scandal involving the House Intelligence Committee. In case you’ve forgotten the details of this, here’s a look back at where Will Conway was with the House Intelligence Committee at the end of Season 4.

In Season 4 of House of Cards, Frank Underwood wanted to work with Russia in the fight against ICO, the show’s analogue to ISIS. Speaking to his running mate, Ted Brockhart, Will Conway said that he believed this to be a pretty good idea, but he still wanted to prevent Frank Underwood from doing so because he didn’t want Underwood to have any victories before the election.

So Conway decided he would pull some strings, with the help of Ted Brockhart, to get the House Intelligence Committee to block Frank Underwood’s efforts.

Frank Underwood was fully aware of this, and so in a vice presidential debate, Underwood publicly accused Conway of getting his fellow Republicans to block his efforts in the war against ICO for political reasons.

“You and I both know you interfered, governor,” Underwood says.

Conway and Brockhart both deny that this happened. Conway says that he has friends on the House Intelligence Committee but that he didn’t interfere in the committee’s work.

It’s this comment during the vice presidential debate that comes back to haunt Conway. In the season finale, the Wall Street Telegraph publishes an article titled “Conway Lied, Intelligence Committee Member Claims,” with the article quoting an Intelligence Committee member who says that Conway did indeed try to interfere.

This revelation was a bit overshadowed by Tom Hammerschmidt’s article published later in the episode, which alleges that Frank Underwood conspired to impeach President Garrett Walker. But the fact that Will Conway attempted to interfere in a House Intelligence Committee decision will still likely come up in Season 5.

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