‘House of Cards’ Renewed or Canceled: Will There Be a Sixth Season?

House of Cards Frank Underwood, House of Cards Netflix, House of Cards Frank underwood oval office

Frank Underwood on ‘House of Cards.’ (Netflix)

House of Cards, Netflix’s hit political drama series, recently released its fifth season on Netflix. So is this it for Frank and Claire Underwood? Or is there going to be a sixth season?

Netflix has not yet announced a sixth season of House of Cards, but it looks extraordinary likely that one will be made. In fact, Robin Wright in a recent interview made an offhand reference to House of Cards Season 6, even though another season has not officially been ordered.

“He’s stolen all of our ideas for season six,” Wright said, with the “he” referring to President Donald Trump, according to Deadline.

In addition to playing Claire Underwood, Robin Wright is also an executive producer on House of Cards, meaning she would be privy to decisions regarding the future of the series and would be aware of plans for Season 6.

One reason some fans have been nervous about the show’s renewal is the fact that last year, Netflix announced the renewal of House of Cards over a month before the premiere of the new season. However, keep in mind that in 2015, Netflix did not announce that House of Cards had been renewed until April 2nd, over a month after the Season 3 premiere, and so just because we haven’t heard anything yet doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

It’s also difficult to imagine that Netflix would suddenly pull the plug on a show like House of Cards, which is consistently nominated for awards. If Season 5 were to be the show’s last, this would almost certainly be advertised ahead of time, and in a worse case scenario where Netflix did want to draw House of Cards to a close soon, they would likely give it one more season and announce Season 6 as the end.

Of course, it would be easier to judge whether a show like House of Cards is on the bubble if Netflix released any of its numbers. But unlike in cable television, we don’t really have a good idea of how many people are watching House of Cards or whether viewership has grown or declined, as Netflix keeps all of this data private.

House of Cards season 5 is now available for streaming.

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