Are Landon Clements & Thomas Ravenel Dating? No, They Are Not a Couple.

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Last season on Southern Charm, there were accusations that cast members Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel slept together, but each of them have denied anything has happened between them. This season, however, though Clements kicks off the season with a new, young boyfriend, Ravenel seems determined to woo her.

Recently, Clements addressed the romance rumors surrounding her and Ravenel to WZZM13 and she confirmed that:

Thomas and I are really good friends. I’ve known him forever-ever. He is just more like a family member, an uncle or a cousin or something. We’ve never crossed those lines and we never will … It would make sense, and it would make everything very easy, but I don’t know if that would be fulfilling to me the rest of my life. Thomas is … women go nuts over him! He kind of gets more girl attention than Shep [Rose], Whitney [Sudler-Smith], Austen [Kroll] combined.

Apparently, the two met when Clements was just a college student of age 19, before she ever got married and divorced. Clements joked that:

Even then, he was too old for me. So, it’s like, just because I got older, guess what? He got older, too!

By the sound of things, though Clements is no longer with the man she starts off season 4 of Southern Charm with. She says she is open to love, but is focusing on work right now. She also has been married before, which makes her a bit cautious. She explained:

Now, being married seems sort of like a legal process. I want to be in love first, and then we’ll figure out the marriage part. Right now, I’m just looking for some tall, dark and handsome surfer who wants to travel with me. I was with my ex for seven years. I lived a settled life, so I’m kind of just enjoying this crazy roller coaster that we’re all on right now.

Some of Ravenel and Clements’ co-stars have seemed like they haven’t known what to make of the rumors, but Cameran Eubanks recently weighed in on what she thinks of the potential match. Eubanks told E! News:

I think it’s a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad idea. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. No. Bad, bad, bad.

What’s more interesting than Clements’ connection to Ravenel is the one she may have with new cast member Austen Kroll, who told E! that:

Landon and I had had a great time together, and we always did, and that line can be blurred, especially as two members of the opposite sex. Landon and I definitely gravitated toward each other.

Viewers will have to wait and see how it all pans out this season.