WATCH: Melissa McCarthy’s Best Skits From SNL Tonight

Melissa McCarthy opened tonight’s highly-anticipated episode of SNL with a special Mother’s Day message, and called on a mom named Joan to help her kick off the show. When McCarthy took Joan backstage to tour the SNL studios, she was introduced to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, but Joan didn’t even flinch in the celebrities’ presence.

In the first political skit of the night, Aidy Bryant took on the role of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Spicer’s stand-in this week. McCarthy (as Spicer) was identified by a reporter who saw her hiding in the bushes, and crept out from behind them to address reporters. Asked about Trump’s mental state, McCarthy said, “If he’s crazy, he’s crazy like a fox with mental problems.”

She used Russian nesting dolls as a visual before berating reporters, once again, for their questions. When the topic of Russian collusion came up, McCarthy promptly said, “Let me just put this whole Russian thing to bed once and for all: Trump is innocent. How do I know? He told me so. He hired lawyers to agree with him.” When a reporter asked if she was at risk of losing her job, she said, “He wouldn’t do that. He’s my friend.”

After McCarthy’s ‘Spicer’ found out that Trump was considering firing him, he zoomed to NYC on a motorized podium to find the President and demand to know if he was really going to lose his job. The confrontation ended in a steamy make out session that Twitter is already assuming won’t go unnoticed by the White House.

Earlier this week, Melissa McCarthy turned heads as she rolled through New York City on her electric podium. Days before that, a promo video showed her transforming into Sean Spicer to the tune of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story.

Watch tonight’s opening monologue below.

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