Miss USA 2017 Winner: Top 10 Predictions

The 2017 Miss USA Pageant airs tonight live on FOX at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT, with a time delay at 8 p.m. PT on the west coast. There are 51 women in the mix as this year’s contestants and we’ve got the rundown on some of our personal favorites in addition to winner predictions. Check out the top 10 picks.

Miss Alaska Alyssa London

Several sites, including MIC, have predicted London to make it far in the competition this year. London is actually the first Tlingit tribe woman to hold the Miss Alaska USA title and her Tlingit name is Yáx Ádi Yádi, which means “most precious child,” as reported by Juneau Empire.

Miss Florida Linette De Los Santos

Miss Florida Linette De Los Santos is one of the immigrant women who hope to show diversity in this year’s pageant, according to Newsday. In a statement to the Associate Press, De Los Santos said:

As Miss USA, I would love to be able to be that inspiration for our immigrant community. If I would have stopped following my dreams and working hard towards what I wanted, I wouldn’t be sitting here as Miss Florida USA or in law school ready to become an immigration attorney.

Other contestants who are immigrants include Miss North Dakota, Hawaii, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Miss Nevada Lauren York

Miss Nevada has a bit of a home court advantage since the 2017 Miss USA Pageant is being held in Las Vegas. Just ahead of tonight’s competition, Miss Nevada posted the following message on her Instagram account:

If there is any message I can share with you guys it is to NEVER ever stop fighting for your dreams! Allow your adversities in life to become a foundation for strength! Life is about how you overcome the obstacles thrown in your path. Life is about taking steps every single day to better yourself and better the lives of those around you! To all you little girls watching and listening, there is something so special inside of every single one of you, a light that can shine so bright and if you can just know that and constantly remind yourself every single day of your incredible worth and value that comes from within you can find the confidence to be FEARLESS in the pursuit of any dream you set your heart and mind to! Through hard work, passion, dedication, and a little bravery you can be whoever you want to be and build whatever life you want for yourself!! You can prove every single person who never believed in you WRONG, and let me tell you….. THAT feels pretty darn amazing!

In addition to getting all dolled up, York enjoys a little adventure and sports.

Miss Georgia Deanna Johnson

Many may recognize Miss Georgia Deanna Johnson from The Voice a few seasons ago, when she competed as part of Adam Levine’s team. Unfortunately, she did not win the competition. However, perhaps she will win this one?

Miss Texas Nancy Gonzalez

Miss Texas Nancy Gonzalez comes from a Mexican background and she has said that the strength of her family helped her to leave an abusive relationship when she was 18 years old. According to People, Gonzalez explained:

I found every little power in me that I found. I would think about my mom and all the effort she put in coming to the United States and making a better life for me.

She continued:

I want to demonstrate that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I went from being someone that kept to myself because I was depressed to competing for Miss Texas and now I’m walking the Miss USA stage. No matter how bad you have it, find that light. Find your strength whether it’s from your parents who fought hard to give you a better life or it’s because you think back at all your dreams. Whatever it is, find that and push hard and fulfill your dreams.

Miss South Carolina Megan Gordon

Gordon is a nursing major and her official Miss South Carolina bio reads:

While in school, Megan realized her purpose was to serve others and be a voice for those who are in need. This, coupled with her love for children, drove her to specialize in Pediatric nursing where she is an advocate for those children with cancer and blood disorders. She’s volunteered with several organizations that aid in helping children and their families such as SAFE Kids, Light the Night and the Ronald McDonald house! Megan began her pageant career at the age of fourteen and appreciates all that she has learned along the way.

Gordon says she believes in hard work and having faith.

Miss Hawaii Julie Kuo

Miss Hawaii is one of Pageant News’ predicted winners this year, as is Miss Tennessee, who we have not listed in our top picks. Even so, Miss Tennessee is still stunning, so you never know. But, let’s get back to Miss Hawaii. All of her family is flying into Nevada to see her appear on the Miss USA Pageant stage, so the event is huge for her on many levels.

Miss California India Williams

After the preliminary competition, Williams posted a thoughtful message on her Instagram profile, writing:

For years, I have dreamt of competing on the @missusa stage and last night that dream was made into a reality months and months of preparation.. I’m happy to say I gave it my all and am proud of my performance on the floor. These past few weeks have not been easy.. preparation takes dedication, strength and commitment… but there is no better feeling than completing the first two phases of competition and feeling so positive. This will certainly be a tough decision for these judges… all 51 women are beautiful, intelligent and completely qualified for the job… regardless of the outcome on finals night, I am confident and proud of the quality of my performance. I have NEVER felt more beautiful than when I was up on that stage.. I hope at some point, everyone is able to experience something that makes them feel so incredible. “Shine.. like the whole universe is yours.”

Miss Massachusetts Julia Scaparotti


Miss Massachusetts Julia Scaparotti is one of our favorite competitors this year and she is a cheerleader for the Patriots. In an interview with the Boston Globe she said:

People always say that Miss USA is the Super Bowl of pageants, so I remember thinking, ”I’m going to the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl of pageants in the same year! There’s no way I can top this.”

Though she loves being involved in pageants, Scaparotti said there’s also a downside, explaining some of the misconceptions. She explained:

I think people have a stereotype that we only care about what we look like. That’s not true at all. Some of the women I’ve met through pageantry have been some of the most inspiring I’ve ever met. They have a lot to offer other than their looks. The swimsuit competition, which some people don’t like, is actually so empowering because we are really like athletes. We train like we’re Olympians. That point where we can wear a swimsuit and walk out in front of millions of people, it’s very empowering to show off all your hard work.

Miss Pennsylvania Cassandra Angst

According to Pageant News, Cassandra Angst is a woman to keep your eye on. On pageant day today, she posted the following message on Instagram:

Can’t believe the day is finally here! I’ve dreamed about this day since I was a little girl and worked hard for 4 years to get here! No matter what happens tonight, I’m so blessed to represent the great state of Pennsylvania and I hope I made everyone proud. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and told me to never give up on my dreams! If I would of gave into my fears, I would never be on the Miss USA stage. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your not good enough or you can’t do it! Put your mind to something, work hard, have faith and your dreams can come true! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Check out all the contestants and their backgrounds from this year’s Miss USA Pageant 2017 in the below link:

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