Who Won the Miss USA 2017 Pageant Tonight?

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(Miss USA/Instagram)

The final three finalists at tonight’s 2017 Miss USA Pageant were Miss Minnesota Meridith Gould, Miss New Jersey Chhavi Verg and Miss District of Columbia Kara McCullough. So which one of them won? If Miss DC were to win, it would make for the second year in a row that Miss DC took home the Miss USA crown, as Miss DC Deshauna Barber was last year’s winner.

The second runner-up was Miss Minnesota, which meant that New Jersey and DC were the two remaining women. And the new Miss USA 2017 is … Miss D.C. Kara McCullough.

For the final word segment of the show tonight, Miss District of Columbia went first to answer a question about feminism. She says as a woman scientist in the government, she would like to turn the word feminism into equalism. She says that women are just as equal in men when it comes to leadership and in the office environment. She hopes to promote that to women worldwide.

As for Miss Minnesota, she said that modern feminism is about being unapologetically yourself and that there are incredible representatives of feminism on the stage tonight. And, for Miss New Jersey, she says that she is a feminist who strives for equality, stressing that feminism isn’t about getting one up above men. She also says that she pushes for education for women because “an equal world will be a better world.”

The final word was followed by the final look, which featured a performance by Pitbull, who delivered an energetic set.

Prior to relinquishing her crown, Deshauna Barber gave a farewell speech via video message and said that three months after being crowned, her mother died of lung cancer. So, her being Miss USA was extremely special to her and she dedicates her final walk to her late mother.

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