WATCH: Billboard Music Awards 2017 Opening Performance With Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj kicks off the 2017 Billboard Music Awards with a nine-minute opening performance. Introduced by show hosts Ludacris and Vanessa Hudgens, Minaj killed it, along with her special musical guests Lil Wayne, David Guetta and Jason Derulo.

Starting off the performance, little girls, male backup dancers, booty-rific girls and an acrobats all participated in a huge dance routine to a medley of music by Minaj.

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Soon, Minaj was revealed from behind a monster screen, showing off an S&M-themed set, with a fierce head-to-toe look. Minaj then carried out a sexy performance of her song “No Frauds.” Halfway through the song, Lil Wayne showed up on stage, wearing camo sweats and fur. During his set, Minaj disappeared from the stage.

With a small change to her look, Minaj reappeared in another area of the stage, with David Guetta spinning in the background. Following some booty dancing and sexy dance moves from Minaj, Jason Derulo made his way to the stage to deliver a performance of their song “Swalla.”

Lastly, Minaj lip-synched to her song “Regret In Your Tears.” Though she had to lip-synch tonight, she still was able to execute an awe-worthy performance.

After Minaj’s performance, show hosts Vanessa Hudgens and Ludacris gushed over the set and Hudgens stated that Minaj is her spirit rapper. Hudgens said that she pretty much idolizes Minaj, which made Ludacris challenge Hudgens to a rap session. Taking him up on his request, Hudgens delivered a little rap, which you can check out in the below tweet.

Hudgens also performed a short few lines of Celine Dion’s song “The Power of Love.”

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