Peter Kraus’ Solo Date With Rachel Lindsay On ‘The Bachelorette’

Peter Kraus

On tonight's episode of The Bachelorette, contestant Peter Kraus gets the first solo date of the season and we've got all the best photos from his one-on-one with Rachel Lindsay. But first, let's get into our spoilers warning. If you do NOT want to know any spoilers, including who the reported winner is this season, STOP READING NOW. First let's get into Kraus' solo date, and ABC's official synopsis of it, which reads: Peter is whisked away for the first one-on-one date of the season. A third party – Rachel’s adorable dog, Copper – joins them as they fly to Palm Springs for a day at a pool party with other dogs at “Bark Fest.” The date continues as the pair share a romantic dinner where they connect over their past heartbreak and delight to a fireworks display especially for them. When Lindsay first introduces Copper to Kraus, she describes him as her best friend, who she hasn't seen in a while and who was in a bad accident. Copper, who has a cast on his leg, joins the two on their jet, but we're not sure what caused his leg injury. Fortunately, Kraus appears to be a dog person and jokes that he and Copper are going to be best friends. Now let's get into some major spoilers. According to an early report made by Reality Steve, Kraus is this season's winner and is currently engaged to Rachel Lindsay. However, Reality Steve has since updated his information and says that Dr. Bryan Abasolo is the actual winner. Normally, whether or not the star gets engaged is not revealed until the end of the season. However, this time, Lindsay was allowed to spill the beans. Unfortunately, she wasn't allowed to confirm the identity of the reported winner. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, star Lindsay opened up about her new fiance and said: I’ve always wanted to get married and have a family, but I’m not the girl who sat down and planned out her wedding, her dress, or how everything would go with the proposal. And I certainly didn’t think that it would be in this way—on television—but why not? ... It worked! And that’s why I say my advice to any future Bachelorettes is to do it. I was the biggest skeptic, and I am completely turned around, head over heels in love, so happy, and engaged. It feels good! For more information on Lindsay's season, Peter Kraus and their relationship, click through our gallery of Kraus' first solo date. (ABC/Scott Baxter)

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