Princess Diana’s Death Scene Photos

AOL News reports that the TV documentary "Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors" makes claims that Queen Elizabeth said someone must have "greased the breaks" on the car, after hearing about her death. A source stated to Express News that the Queen allegedly considered Princess Diana to be a "misfit who didn't quite contribute to the things they did and what they wanted her to do in the family." However, the source also said that today would be a different story with the Queen, saying, "She would never say now that Diana hasn't contributed to the family. She sees how much Diana radiates out of William and Harry and the effect they have on ordinary people." In this photo, a Canadian tourist reads in front of Saint-Paul's Cathedral in London, where Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married sixteen years ago, a British newspaper announcing that Diana, Princess of Wales, died earlier in the day in a car crash with Egyptian billionaire Dodi al-Fayed. (Getty)