‘Prison Break’: Who Is Poseidon? [Top Theories & Clues]

Who is Poseidon? Poseidon has been running things from behind the scenes ever since the new season of Prison Break began. But who exactly is this enigmatic, powerful character? Much of what we know about him is what Kellerman said to T-Bag, which may or may not be true. In Season 5 Episode 4, Kellerman told T-Bag that Poseidon is an ex-CIA operative who went rogue. Now he's running everything and pulling a lot of strings from behind the scenes. And no one can capture him. On the following pages, you will see the top theories about Poseidon's identity. You can click through the gallery to read all of them, or just go to our index below and click on the theory you're most interested in reading, and go directly to that one. Do you agree with any of these? Let us know in the comments below. Note: This post has spoilers through Season 5 Episode 5. (FOX)

Kellerman Is Poseidon

Jacob Is Not Poseidon, Just Working for Him

Jacob Is Poseidon

Poseidon Is One of the Escapees: Perhaps Whip or Ja

Michael Is Poseidon

Poseidon Is a Character from the Original Series: Maybe Mahone