Producer Claims That Katy Perry Called Him A ‘N***a’

Katy Perry attends Chanel’s Gabrielle Bag Williams on April 6, 2017 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty)

Katy Perry keeps putting her foot in her mouth, it seems.

Days after posting a video clip of herself making fun President Barack Obama, Perry has come under fire yet again– only this time, from fellow musician Mano. He claimed that the singer had called him a “n***a” while they were at a club together in 2013, and despite asking her to stop, she continued using the offensive term. Check out Mano’s original tweet here.

Mano (left) and Katy Perry in 2013.

The incident seemed to blow over, but in the wake of the Obama backlash, Mano has decided to hop on social media and provide some more information regarding Perry and her remarks. “Yep it happened in a club in Paris,” he explains, “She really thought she had the right. Honestly my feelings were hurt and I was offended.” Mano goes on to say that “She was juke’n my cuz she started calling us “n****s” and we asked her 2 stop a few times” and that Perry “couldn’t understand why and we had 2 explain 2 her that it wasn’t endearing and it was really offensive.”

The producer behind such hits as “The Hills” and “False Alarm” also addressed fans who have been quick to rise to Perry’s defense, despite not knowing the details of what really happened: “People who don’t know this woman personally taking up 4 her like they real friends. I swear people are f*ckin’ crazy lmfao!” Check out all of Mano’s tweets below.

This isn’t the first time Perry has offended a sect of her fanbase. Earlier last week, even before the controversy surrounding Obama, she released her latest single “Bon Appetit.” Given that the song featured hip-hop trio Migos, who have been alleged to be homophobic, Perry received a tremendous amount of backlash from the LGBTQ community as well.

As to whether the famously outspoken singer will respond to any of these allegations remains to be seen.

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