‘The Leftovers’: Season 3 Episode 3 Explained [PHOTOS]

The Leftovers' latest episode from Season 3 Episode 3 was absolutely phenomenal. There weren't many dry eyes among viewers during Grace's heart-wrenching story at the end. But still have a few questions about key points from this episode, so we're going to answer them here. You can click through the gallery to see each major question and the corresponding photos from the scenes, point by point, or just look at our index below and go directly to the part that you are wondering about. There will be spoilers on the next pages, and spoilers via the questions below, but only for episode 3. (HBO)

What Happened to Kevin Garvey, Sr. When He Took the Drug at the Hotel?

What Exactly Happened to Grace's Children?

Who Were the People Building the Boat?

No, Kevin Didn't Walk Out of the Same Door When He Saw the Women Drowning Kevin

Where Did Grace Get the Book of Kevin?

Can Kevin Still Stop the Rain?

Why Did That Guy Light Himself on Fire?

Is Matt Sick Again?

Animals & Belongings May Disappear Too

The National Geographic Returns

Where Have We Seen the Cairo Page in the National Geographic Before?