‘Twin Peaks’ Then & Now: Photos of the Original Cast Over 25 Years


Twin Peaks is returning after a more-than-25-year absence. Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper that she would see him again in 25 years, and she is keeping her word. You can get all the latest news on the cast and see photos and catch up on the characters in Heavy’s story here. But after 25 years, you’re probably also wanting an idea of just how much some of the actors (and their characters) have changed. Here are some “then and now” photos from Twin Peaks’ original season and the actors today.

Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings

Even after 25 years, she still looks great.

Ray Wise as Leland Palmer

It looks like a big difference in this photo, but once Leland’s hair turned white, he really doesn’t look that different from how he looks today.

Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs

Bobby still looks distinguished and dangerous. It will be interesting to see how the years have changed him.

Shelly Johnson Then & Now

This picture that you may have seen circulating the Internet isn’t really accurate.

In fact, Madchen Amick still looks great, but she’s aged more than this photo shows. She stars in Riverdale as Betty’s mom. Here she is today:

Audrey Horne Then & Now

We’ve heard that Annie isn’t returning, so is there a chance that Audrey will capture Dale Cooper’s heart? Of course, Bob might be a problem.

Sherilynn Fenn as Audrey Horne then:

Here’s Sherilyn Fenn today:

Kyle MacLachlan Then & Now

If you watch Portlandia, you know that Kyle MacLachlan hasn’t changed that much since his Dale Cooper days. Here he is on Twin Peaks: 

And here he is today:

David Duchovny as Denise

David Duchovny’s back, still rocking that dress. Here he is then and now:

Andy & Lucy Then & Now

Are they still together? Who’s their kid, now all grown up?

Here they are today:

And another picture:

Hawk Then & Now

Remember Hawk?

Here he is today:

Sarah Palmer Then & Now

Sarah Palmer’s trademark red hair is now grey, but now she’s poised and confident. It will be interesting to see her role this time around.

Sarah Palmer then:

Here she is today:

Another nice photo, of her in character:

Laura Palmer Then & Now

Laura Palmer’s photo haunted us all through the original series:

Here’s Sheryl Lee today:

Are you ready for the premiere?

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