WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Drives Sean Spicer’s Podium Around New York

Spicey is back and he’s trying to make a getaway to hide in the bushes! A CNN producer posted video of Melissa McCarthy playing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, driving his podium outside the CNN offices, in the middle of a New York City street.

The video, posted by Donie O’Sullivan, shows McCarthy filming a pre-taped segment for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. She’s played the role three times already, first appearing as Spicer in the February 4 episode with Kristen Stewart. She showed up again for the February 11 Alec Baldwin episode. The third time was in the April 15 episode, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

McCarthy is the host of this week’s episode, with Haim performing, so it was a given that she would play Spicer. There were some calls on Twitter for her to play White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but you can’t mess with a good thing. Maybe Aidy Bryant will play that role.

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(Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

We can bet that the new sketch will make fun of President Donald Trump’s tweets on Friday, about how we shouldn’t expect “perfect accuracy” from Sanders and Spicer because he’s a “very active President with lots of things happening.” Then, Trump even suggested cancelling White House press briefings “for the sake of accuracy.”

The segment will also likely reference the Washington Post report that Spicer tried to hide in the bushes on Tuesday night while reporters asked questions about FBI Director James Comey’s firing. Then, a source told the Washington Post that Spicer was “not physically in the bushes.”

The Post later amended its report, writing, “Spicer huddled with his staff among bushes near television sets on the White House grounds, not ‘in the bushes,’ as the story originally stated.”

There’s been rumors that Spicer could be fired, especially after Trump was reportedly pleased with Sanders’ performances.

McCarthy also appeared as Spicer in her promo for SNL, which shows how she transforms into Spicer each time.




This is the best SNL can do now. It really is time to bury this show. It’s been awful for years, and their main focus now is to tear down this country. Trump is a jerk, but this is going way past him. None of these “comedians” care one bit about our country, only their ratings. Sad.


@12;19 . . . The show will be “buried” when it’s not so wildly profitable for NBC and its sponsors . . . its current viewership is the highest in 20+ years, so there must be a hella’ lot of Americans who share these comedians viewpoint . . . if you want the show to go off the air, tell ole Donnie to stop gifting the show with so much material! It’s Donnie’s narcissism, arrogance, and bigotry, coupled with his stupidity that is tearing down this country. SNL only exposes it.


MElissa McCarthy looks nothing like Sean Spicer. She looks like herself, fat & ugly. She should be embarrassed, but nothing embarrasses the left.


@6:45 . . . There’s a several million people that would disagree with you . . . as far as fat and ugly, you must have Melissa confused with the Liar-in-Chief, aka Donnie Boy.

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