What Were Roger Moore’s Final Film Performances Before He Died?

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Roger Moore on the set of Live and Let Die. (Getty)

Legendary actor Roger Moore has died at the age of 89. Moore was of course known for his James Bond movies, but he was in many other great films over the years, and he did not stop acting in his old age. So what were the final film performances of Roger Moore, and does he have any unreleased films on the way?

The last movie that Roger Moore starred in was The Carer, a 2016 film that follows an aging actor, played by Brian Cox. Roger Moore appears in the movie as himself, but he does not have a lot of screen time.

Moore also recently had a small role in The Saint, a reboot of the classic TV series that he starred in for six seasons. A trailer for this show was released in 2013, but it never ended up getting picked up or airing anywhere.

In 2011, Roger Moore was in the Hallmark Channel movie A Princess for Christmas. Roger Moore does actually play an important character in this film, starring as Duke Edward of Castlebury. This is the final movie in which Roger Moore appears on screen in a role that adds up to more than a cameo and in a film that was actually released.

For most of the 2000s, Moore starred in very few movies, though in 2002 he was in Boat Trip, a romantic comedy starring Cuba Gooding Jr. which performed poorly in theaters.

Since 2000, though, Roger Moore has done some occasional voice acting work, mostly in very small projects. In 2010, though, he played an animated character in the film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. He also lent his voice to the British movie Agent Crush, which had an impressive cast but did not end up being released.

The last movie that Roger Moore was in that most people will recognize and remember him from is Spice World, the Spice Girls movie from 1997.

According to his IMDB page, Roger Moore had a few projects left in the works, including providing a voice for the animated films Troll Hunters and Astrid Silverlock. 

For the most part, though, Roger Moore had retired from acting in recent years. He did, however, continue to do work with charities, especially UNICEF.