‘American Ninja Warrior’ Daytona Beach Qualifiers: Who Advanced?

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Tonight, American Ninja Warrior traveled to Daytona Beach to find out who has what it takes to make it to the city finals.

The top 15 from the city finals will advance to the National Finals in Vegas, where they’ll take on Mt. Midoriyama. Only two men have conquered it to date– Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten.

Tonight was a great run for some and not-so-great for others. Jessie Graff didn’t perform at her best, but luckily, she made it far enough to secure a spot in the city finals. JJ Woods, meanwhile, made an excellent comeback tonight– last season, he suffered a devastating loss after falling on the second obstacle, but tonight, he proved that he’s been training as hard and ever and that he’s not going down without a fight.

Read on to find out who advanced to the City Finals tonight:

1. Drew Drechsel
2. Travis Rosen
3. Tyler Gillett
4. Cassidy Marks
5. Tukrong Klengdong
6. JJ Woods
7. Brett Sims
8. Reko Rivera
9. Ryan Stratis
10. Lucas Gomes
11. Sean Darling-Hammond
12. Nick Patel
13. Kevin Carbone
14. Rigel Henry
15. Alexio Gomes
16. Dustin Fishman
17. Micheal Johnson
18. Eddy Stewart
19. Les Bradley
20. Micheal Mudrick
21. Steven Cen
22. Bootie Cothran
23. Faris Xero
24. Cedric Idudu
25. Oscar Ramirez
26. Jessie Graff
27. Ricky Vu
28. Josh Butler
29. Royall Eason
30. Jonathan Lorch