Chase Goehring, ‘America’s Got Talent’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chase Goehring: Songwriter With ORIGINAL HIT 'HURT' Will WOW You | America’s Got Talent 2017A star will be born this Tuesday. A young singer songwriter will performs his original tune, "HURT" and will likely get America's attention when his audition airs this Tuesday on the second auditions show of America's Got Talent 2017. Get ready to remember this name: Chase Geohring. #talentshows For more HD full episode videos of…2017-06-05T21:06:36Z

Chase Goehring is from a very small town in Tennessee and he decided to audition for America’s Got Talent with an original song called “Hurt.” The song is about a girl who is in a bad relationship, with him offering to help her out if she would just give him the chance. Goehring is both a singer and songwriter, with a sweet sound that is comparable to Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz. After Goehring’s performance, he received a standing ovation from the AGT judges. For more information on Goehring, read on below for our 5 Fast Facts.

1. Goehring Appeared On The X Factor

Chase Goehring – Airplanes (The X-Factor USA 2013) [4 Chair Challenge]Chase Goehring singing ''Airplanes" By B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams. The X-Factor U.S.A Season 3, 4 Chair Challenge2013-10-16T22:08:20Z

Goehring reportedly appeared on The X Factor after he won a YouNow singer-songwriter contest. Some of his fans refer to themselves as Chasers. In an interview with Live Staring At You, Goehring said:

I actually didn’t plan on auditioning for The X Factor. I was participating in a singer/song-writer competition and one of the judges worked with Sony Music. She was like, ‘We think you would be a great addition to the show.’ So a couple weeks later I ended up in Long Island, New York and auditioned for the judges.

Goehring used the same song “Hurt”, that he performed on AGT, for his season 3 X Factor audition.

2. His YouTube Channel Is Full of Covers, Along With Original Songs

Chase Goehring – ChristinaSupport Christina's family: Name a NPC in a Legend of Zelda game after Christina Grimmie: ———————————————————————- Hey, it's Chase. I'll keep this short because this isn't about me but I was so moved by what happened to Christina that I wrote this song for her to live on through. It's about remembering someone…2016-06-17T00:34:17Z

On Goehring’s YouTube channel, he’s posted a bunch of cover song performances of popular music, from One Direction’s “Drag Me Down,” to “Love Me Harder” by Ariana Grande, to several Ed Sheeran songs. He has also posted original music of his, including a tribute song to Christina Grimmie. Grimmie was a contestant on The Voice, who rose to fame and was gunned down by a fan after one of her shows. According to CNN, last night in Orlando, Grimmie was giving a concert and was signing autographs after the show when a gunman, armed with two guns, opened fire on her around 10:45 p.m. ET. When the gunman shot Grimmie, Grimmie’s brother Mark, tackled him. During the scuffle, the gunman shot himself and died.

In an interview with Local Wolves, Goehring talked about how he was often impressed by Grimmie’s YouTube cover performances and she was an inspiration to many.

3. Goehring Is Self-Taught

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"Um… what?"

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Before Goehring was performing and appearing on television, he was just a regular student who took piano lessons in his spare time. He then started pursuing music when he was in high school. According to Famous Birthdays, Goehring is self-taught in singing, along with playing the ukulele and guitar. And, Goehring first started performing in public by appearing in coffee houses. He told Live Starring You:

When I first started singing my original songs in coffee shops, I was kind of nervous because it’s your own song, so you wonder if people will like it, but I was pretty comfortable doing it because I’ve been doing it for a while.

While he was in school, Goehring said that it was sometimes difficult to balance music and his school work.

4. His Inspirations Range from A-Listers to Twitter Trends

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What would Sunday be without a selfie?

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So, how did Goehring get inspired to perform, sing and rap? He explained:

I saw this guy named Jake Shimabukuro. He’s like the greatest ukulele player ever and he inspired me to start taking ukulele. After that, Eminem inspired me to be a rapper. I used to want to be like a little white clean Eminem.

As for what inspires his music, he told Live Starring At You that:

I haven’t been through any crazy love relationships. When I write, a lot of my inspiration is honestly from Twitter and from my fans and what they tell me. So it’s just a lot of little miscellaneous things that come together when I write a song.

In 2014, Goehring toured with Magcon, along with social media stars Jacob Whitesides and Taylor Caniff.

5. Faith Is Important to Goehring

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short hair boi

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What is very important to Goehring is his Christian morals, as he explained to Live Starring At You:

I just know that God is bigger than any stage that I perform on, any audience that I perform for, any studio that I work in, and especially myself. There may come a day when the world sees me as famous, but I’ll never see myself as famous because that title is for God. That’s just one thing I remind myself to stay humble … I also know that everything good that comes my way comes from God. I want to have a successful music career, but if I leave God to pursue a music career, then that would be probably be the worst decision I could ever make.

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