Clint Eastwood Death Hoax Hits Twitter

Clint Eastwood death hoax


A Clint Eastwood death hoax has hit Twitter. An apparent fake news site that is meant to look like CNN reported that the 87-year-old actor died after suffering a heart attack. The site claims that someone called 911 to report an “unresponsive male” at Eastwood’s home.

The actor, who just celebrated his birthday three weeks ago, is believed to be alive and well.

The site, called CNN-Global News, spelled Los Angeles incorrectly (“Las Angeles”) in its first line of reporting. At the bottom of the article, the site uploaded a variety of celebrity tweets, claiming that these were reactions to Eastwood’s passing.

The first one claims to belong to actor Tom Hanks. It reads, “I am lost for words. Some people you just assume with be with you forever. #ClintEastwood.” The date on the tweet is June 19, 2017. However, if you look at Hanks’ Twitter account, his last tweet was posted on June 15, 2017, and has nothing to do with anyone’s death.

The next tweet listed claims to be from Leonardo DiCaprio’s account. It reads, “The world just lost a remarkable savant. I will miss our all night conversations, sipping whiskey and smoking cigars until the sun came up.” Although Leo has been tweeting today, his posts have been focused on saving the ocean.

It appears as though the tweets posted by CNN-Global News have been fabricated in an effort to help validate and spread the rumors. A quick search of these celebrity Twitter pages, however, helps to debunk the story.

This is not the first time that Eastwood has fallen victim to an internet death hoax. Just last month, fake news that the actor “died of natural causes” at his home in Brentwood surfaced. That particular article referred to Eastwood as a “conservative icon” and talks about Eastwood’s “hatred for snowflakes.” Popular death-hoax-debunking site, Snopes, was quick to report that Eastwood did not die last month. It’s only a matter of time before the site posts an update to cover today’s bogus trend.