Rebecca Miller, Daniel Day-Lewis’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Daniel Day-Lewis wife, Daniel Day-Lewis retirement, Rebecca Miller

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller. (Getty)

Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, the only actor to win three Best Actor Oscars, is married to Rebecca Miller, with whom he has two children. Rebecca Miller is a writer and director.

Day-Lewis is nominated for another Academy Award for his role in Phantom Thread.

Day-Lewis has won Oscars for My Left Foot, 2007’s There Will Be Blood and 2012’s Lincoln. His last movie will likely be Phantom Thread, a movie set in the world of fashion directed by There Will Be Blood‘s Paul Thomas Anderson. It’s scheduled for a Christmas Day 2017 release.

While many actors in Hollywood bask in the glamour of that world, the 60-year-old Day-Lewis and the 54-year-old Miller famously led a quiet life in Ireland. He lived in a tiny village in County Wicklow from the early 1990s, after he won his first Oscar for playing Christy Brown in 1989’s My Left Foot, until six years ago when the couple moved to New York. Miller and Day-Lewis have two children, Ronan and Cashel. Day-Lewis is also the father of Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis, whose mother is French actress Isabelle Adjani.

Here’s what you need to know about Rebecca Miller.

1. Miller Is the Daughter of Playwright Arthur Miller & Photographer Inge Morath

Daniel Day-Lewis wife, Daniel Day-Lewis retirement, Rebecca Miller, Gabriel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis (center) with Rebecca Miller and son Gabriel. (Getty)

Miller is the daughter of the famous American playwright Arthur Miller and his third wife, Austrian photographer Inge Morath. She also has a brother, Daniel Miller, who was born in 1966.

Although her father was Jewish, Miller was baptized as a child, since her mother was Protestant. She told Vanity Fair that she thought she inherited her father’s cultural Jewishness though, especially in “the way I mother.”

In another interview with Vanity Fair, Miller said she moved away from religion by the end of college.

“As I got older, it became less easy for me to think of myself as a Christian. I stopped thinking of myself as a Christian somewhere at the end of college,” Miller told Vanity Fair. “I never really recovered, though. I never lost my faith in the divine, but I couldn’t reconcile the idea of one religion’s stories being right over the other stories.”

2. Miller Says Their Private Lifestyle in Ireland Meant They Got to ‘Act Like Normal Human Beings’

Daniel Day-Lewis wife, Rebecca Miller, Arthur Miller daughter

Arthur Miller, Rebecca Miller and Daniel Day-Lewis in 1996. (Getty)

The big advantage Miller and Day-Lewis had by living in Ireland is leading a normal life. Their home in Wichlow is also a great place to get writing done.

“Luckily we have circles of privacy outside of which we manage to act like normal human beings, more or less,” Miller told the Irish Independent in May 2013, when she was promoting her third novel Jacob’s Folly.

“When you’re writing, you tend to go into lockdown,” Miller told the Independent. “The whole book took five years to write, so I was in that state for a really long time. I would drop the kids off at school, come home and just write for three or four hours until I had to get up to do something else. Or I would have to take six months off and just read [for research]. That means I let a lot of things go; a lot of relationships just get cooled . . . so you have to then re-start them.”

As notes, Day-Lewis’ love affair with Ireland began while he was child and spent the holiday in County Mayo on the country’s west coast. He’s also said that living in Wacklow means he can go “quietly about my business” and it forces Hollywood executives to come to him if they want to work with him. Steven Spielberg and writer Tony Kushner had to go there to convince him to play Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln, which earned Day-Lewis his third Oscar.

The Telegraph noted in 2016 that the couple moved to New York City six years ago.

3. Day-Lewis & Miller Met During the Filming of 1996’s ‘The Crucible’

Rebecca Miller age, Rebecca Miller movies, Rebecca Miller Daniel Day-Lewis

Rebecca Miller in 2005. (Getty)

Miller and Day-Lewis met during the production of The Crucible, her father’s 1996 adaption of his famous play that earned him an Oscar nomination. The film co-starred Winona Ryder and Paul Scofield and was directed by Nicholas Hytner.

While Miller didn’t directly work on that film, she did eventually get to work with her husband in a professional capacity. He starred in her 2005 film, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, which she wrote and directed. In a 2016 interview with the Telegraph, she noted that they once had a disagreement on set, but “in the end, I had to go with my own instincts and he agreed… But you have to be strong… because he’s strong.”

Miller told Vanity Fair that she never really thought of making movies herself until she saw Federico Fellini’s iconic La dolce vita after college.

“It was all the things I was interested in, words and pictures and music, put together in a sort of synesthesia, and it really blew my mind,” she told the magazine. “It was actually very disturbing.”

4. Miller Has Directed 5 Movies, Including 2016’s ‘Maggie’s Plan’

Daniel Day-Lewis wife, Daniel Day-Lewis retirement, Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller in 2016. (Getty)

While Miller spends most of her time as a novelist, she has also directed five independent movies. She started her career with Angela in 1995, but didn’t make another movie until 2002’s Personal Velocity.

In 2005, she directed The Ballad of Jack and Rose, which was followed by 2009’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. In 2015, she made Maggie’s Plan with Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore. She also co-wrote 2005’s Proof, which David Madden directed.

In her Telegraph interview, Miller said male producers wanted her to “go away and be quiet” when she tried to make movies in the 1990s. But today, more women are directing. Miller said she doesn’t like to think of herself as a “female director.”

“The problem I have with it is that it’s potentially just another way to ghettoise us. It’s the second-sex syndrome,” Miller told the Telegraph. “I don’t like it when people say: ‘We really want to get a female director for this movie.’ Really? So the only prerequisite is ovaries, then?”

Miller told the site that she also believes there’s a discrepancy in the literary world, where books about men’s lives are “considered with more gravitas.”

Miller also had small roles in films and TV shows between 1988 and 1994. In 2017, she appears in Noah Baumbach’s new film, The Meyerowtiz Stories.

5. In Her 30s, Miller Thought She’d Never Get Married or Have Children

Daniel Day-Lewis wife, Daniel Day-Lewis retirement, Rebecca Miller


In her 30s, Miller was convinced she was never going to get married or have children. Then, she met Day-Lewis during the filming of The Crucible and everything changed.

“If I hadn’t met the man that I met, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been with anybody, I’m sure of it,” Miller told the Financial Times in 2016.

Miller has spent her entire life around artists and began her own career while still attending Yale. When she was 21, she lived in an artists’ colony. She became an actress and found herself in the “worst movies of great directors,” she told the Financial Times. At 26, she was in a movie directed by Klaus Maria Brandauer, that no one ever saw. However, that experience inspired her to direct instead of act.

Miller’s next film is already set. She’s directing She Came To Me, which will star Steve Carell, Amy Schumer and Nicole Kidman.

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