What Time Does ‘GLOW’ Season 1 Become Available on Netflix?

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Alison Brie in GLOW. (Erica Parise/Netflix)

GLOW, Alison Brie‘s highly anticipated return to television, will finally be available on Netflix on Friday, June 23, 2017. All 10 episodes of the outrageous comedy created by Nurse Jackie‘s Liz Flahive and Orange Is The New Black‘s Carly Mensch will be available at 3:00 a.m. EDT and 12:00 a.m. PDT. To stream the series, you just have to click here to go to the title’s Netflix page. Read on for a preview of the series and to check out a trailer.

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GLOW is loosely based on the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), which existed during the 1980s and tried to cash in on the popularity of men’s wrestling. Brie stars as Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress who auditions for the league without knowing what she’s really in for. It’s run by a slimy guy named Sam Sylvia, played by comedian Marc Maron.

The rest of the cast features Betty Gilpin (Nurse Jackie), Brtiney Young, Sydelle Noel, Britt Baron, Jackie Tohn, and Kate Nash.

This is Brie’s first regular TV Role since she starred as Annie Edison on NBC’s cult sitcom Community from 2009 to 2015. She also had a recurring role on Mad Men as Pete’s wife (and then ex-wife) Trudy. She also voices Diane Nguyen in Netflix’s animated series BoJack Horseman and played herself in the series finale of Dr. Ken. She also stars in James Franco’s upcoming The Disaster Artist.

In an interview with The U.K. Independent, Brie explained that she was really excited to be a part of a grittier show and play a character unlike any she’s ever played before.

“The writing is so nuanced. And the idea of having so many great female characters in one show, watching these woman explore this thing that is so different and challenging for them, and obviously not something I have ever tackled, wrestling,” Brie explained to the Independent. “And the character of Ruth drew me in, especially because I could relate to her immediately. It seemed like a role I hadn’t played before, a grittier show than I’ve done before. All that excited me.”

As Netflix has been quick to point out, the behind-the-scenes talent for GLOW includes some familiar names for Orange is the New Black fans. Jenkji Kohan, who created that series, is an executive producer on GLOW. Co-creator Carly Mensch is a producer and writer on OITNB and worked with Kohan on Weeds. Executive producer Tara Herrmann is also a Weeds and OITNB veteran.

RELEASE DATE: Friday, June 223, 2017

TIME: 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT


Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder
Betty Gilpin as Debbie Eagan
Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia
Britney Young as Carmen Wade
Sydelle Noel as Cherry Bang
Britt Baron as Justine
Jackie Tohn as Melrose
Kimmy Gatewood as Stacey
Rebekka Johnson as Dawn
Kate Nash as Rhonda
Sunita Mani as Arthie
Kia Stevens as Tammé
Gayle Rankin as Sheila the She Wolf
Ellen Wong as Jenny
Chris Lowell as Sebastian “Bash” Howard
Alex Rich as Florian

Created by Liz Flahive & Carly Mensch
Executive Producers: Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch, Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann
Production Company: Lionsgate Television

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