‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3: When Is Episode 2? Is It Cancelled?

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Is Rick and Morty Season 3 cancelled? Rumors have been spreading like wildfire, but there’s no reason to worry. Rick and Morty Season 3 is still happening and, even better news, it’s still going to start this summer.

Dan Harmon took to Twitter to address concerns of worried fans who had heard rumors that Season 3 was cancelled. It’s not. Rick and Morty is still starting this summer. “It’s real,” Harmon said, admitting that they did take too long to write it, and they’re in the process of finishing drawing the show.

The rumors seem to have started after Inquisitr posted a strange article hinting that the show was cancelled. Harmon shared the article and tweeted, “I am so fascinated and confused about how these rumor campaigns start, are they organic or does someone profit?” The Inquisitr’s story was titled, “Rick and Morty Season 3 Canceled For Good?” They went on to quote a publication called Korea Portal, which discussed how Justin Roiland and Harmon were “constantly at odds” about the season. The article then quoted another publication, Christian Post, as stating that episode 2 of Season 3 might just be “wishful thinking” and the April Fool’s episode was just the creator’s “cryptic way of saying thank you.”

None of this was true. The original story on Korea Portal seems to be focusing on articles and interviews from Harmon that came out before the April 1 episode premiered. Things are back on track and fine now. When Harmon shared Inquisitr’s article, he then tweeted later that this was the second article about a “cancellation” that he had seen in three days. He said spreading the lie doesn’t hurt him or Roiland, but he imagines that it scares the fans.

And it certainly did scare fans. But everyone can breathe easy, because the season is definitely on track and it’s still returning this summer, just like we were promised when the premiere released on April Fool’s. Here’s a post that appeared on the show’s Facebook page that day:


If you want some happier news, Erica Hayes, a storyboard artist for Rick and Morty, shared some tantalizing information on Twitter on Friday:

Could “cool stuff happening next week” mean the premiere of Episode 2 of Season 3? Or maybe a new trailer with scenes from Season 3? There’s no official word yet. But we’re excited and hoping this little hint means something could happen. Mike McMahan, a writer for Rick and Morty, replied on Twitter: “Shhh.” She just responded, “I’m just talking about new shoes, what are you talking about?” And he wrote, “Uh nothing.”

It certainly seems like it’s something. 

Rick and Morty typically airs on Saturdays, so that’s the best day to stay tuned. Of course, this reporter will also share any new information as soon as it’s available.

If all of this just makes you want to analyze Rick and Morty even more, check out these stories about the April Fool’s premiere:

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