How Long is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Tonight?


If you’re watching Fear the Walking Dead tonight, you might notice that it’s not ending when you expect it to. Although most episodes are just an hour long, the producers decided to make the Season 3 premiere a big event.

Tonight’s premiere of Fear the Walking Dead is two hours and 10 minutes long. Of course, this excludes commercials, and knowing AMC, the commercials will account for quite a bit of that time.

Talking Dead will then air immediately after Fear the Walking Dead ends, and it will last for one hour.

Last season, we left off with Madison and Alicia fleeing their hotel safe house in Mexico with Travis. Some fans aren’t so sure they like how Madison and Alicia are sticking with Travis, despite his many mistakes. First, he didn’t want to kill no matter how necessary it was. Then he abandoned Alicia and Madison to help his son, even though his son didn’t want him and was kind of losing his mind. Then he killed two survivors as vengenance for killing his son and he was kicked out of the hotel safehouse. It’s been a crazy ride for Travis. When Madison, Travis, and Alicia took off, Victor “nope’d” right out of joining them and stayed at the hotel. Will he be accepted or will he share some of Travis’ blame?

Meanwhile, Nick was doing pretty well for himself after he left the main group.  He convinced a small town of survivors in Mexico to take off with him before they were attacked by a drug cartel (which was later eaten by zombies they released into the town.) But then they were taken captive by a mysterious group near the border when the season ended.

Ofelia, who has struck out on her own, was taken hostage by a mystery man.

That’s where we’ve left off and where we’re starting Season 3 and fans can’t wait to see what’s next. Here are some tweets about the show: