What Did Katy Perry Mean by Tweeting #JUSTICEFORKPL?

Singer Katy Perry attends the celebration of Chanel’s Gabrielle Bag hosted by Caroline De Maigret and Pharrell Williams at Giorgio Baldi on April 6, 2017 in Santa Monica, California. (Getty)

Pop star Katy Perry baffled a lot of fans with a late-night tweet that was only a hashtag.

Perry wrote: #JUSTICEFORKPL.

What was she talking about? Many fans wanted to know. First, here’s the tweet, which Perry posted on Twitter just before midnight on June 6.

Perhaps it was the simplicity of the message: No explanation. Just a hashtag some people had never heard of. It sparked a late-night mystery almost akin to covfefe (well, maybe not that).

Some astute Katy Perry fans unraveled the mystery quickly though.

“She is talking about a Katycat twitter account. Katy Perry Lately,” theorized one Twitter fan, and this was the most popular belief.

The astute fan added, “Their account got suspended a few days ago. They had great daily updates that kept the fandom informed about all things Katy.”

Sure enough, @KatyPerryLately has a suspended account, although it’s not quite clear why. Here’s a screenshot on Twitter of what you see when you got to the Katy Perry Lately account:

Katy. Perry. Lately. KPL. Makes perfect sense.

It’s actually Katy Perry Lately! and it has a website too. The website urges fans to “follow kpl” for the latest updates on all things Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Lately! also has a page on Facebook with more than 4,000 likes. The Facebook page is still active. You can find it here.

The site says, “Are you an avid fan of Ms. Perry? Well you’ve arrived to the right place! ‘Like’ KPL right here to know the latest about our favorite candy pop princess, Katy Perry.”

Some people on Twitter thought it was nice of Perry to come to the defense of her fans. Others were just puzzling over what the heck she meant by the hashtag.

Others suggested alternate hashtags, like #Weneedkplback.

And other fans said, “One of the million reasons why I love you #JUSTICEFORKPL.”

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