Lauren Hunter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lauren Hunter Instagram page


Fitness model Lauren Hunter has been out of the public eye for some time, but the National Enquirer has thrust her back into the spotlight. The Enquirer says that Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod aka Mr. J-Lo has been sexting Hunter, 34, in secret. The tabloid goes on to allege that A-Rod tried to get Hunter to come to Kansas where he was announcing on a Royals/Yankees game in May but she didn’t make the trip due to child care issues. Hunter is the mother to three boys, one with former NFL running back Marcus Allen.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hours Before the Enquirer Report Went Live; TMZ Reported That A-Rod Was Preparing for Court Over a ‘Sexting’ Extortion Attempt

Lauren Hunter Instagram page


The National Enquirer report claims that A-Rod first began seeing Hunter in 2011 while he was still in a relationship with Cameron Diaz. Quoting a source, the report reads:

On May 10 [Rodriguez] told [Hunter] he missed her, and on May 11 he asked her to send a video of her [doing a sex act].

Another massive allegation from the Enquirer alleges that A-Rod offered to pay Hunter $20,000 for a threesome with another woman.

Hours before the Enquirer report emerged, TMZ reported that A-Rod was preparing for a “legal war with ex lover who’s threatening extortion.” The gossip site says that the ex lover was looking for around $600,000 in exchange for keeping sexy texts between the two quiet. Lauren Hunter is not mentioned by TMZ.

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Radar Online, the National Enquirer’s sister website, quotes Hunter talking about her relationship with A-Rod:

I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to [J-Lo]. In bed with J-Lo, he’s probably picturing me. He likes me to always wear heels and lingerie and outfits, dress up as a schoolgirl. All the things I would to with him I wouldn’t to with anyone else.

Everything about him is passionate and loving and sweet, he’ll kiss your hair and cuddle…

But sex is not soft and gentle, he’s rough. He is good in bed, and well endowed; he’s circumcised! I don’t think he’s ever made love to anybody, ever. He disconnects, his problems take over…

2. Hunter Met Her Babydaddy Marcus Allen on MySpace

Lauren Hunter Instagram


In January 2014, Hunter gave birth to her and Marcus Allen’s son Drake Connor Allen, reported TMZ at the time. The site said that the pair had met on MySpace. Drake Allen was her third child, having two sons from a previous marriage. The couple’s baby registry remains online.

At the time of Drake’s birth, Allen was 53 and Hunter was 31. Also never forget, it’s been heavily alleged that Allen once had an affair with OJ Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Allen married his first wife, Kathryn, in OJ’s backyard.

3. Hunter Has Taken Her Instagram Offline & Hasn’t Updated Her Twitter Since 2015

Rob Sims Photography with Awesome Lauren Hunter as she drives to her "Rob Sims" "Rob Sims Studios" Bodybuilding Ripped Muscle Fitness "Physical Fitness" Physical NPC" Flexing Figure "National Physique Committee" Photo Photography Bodybuilder Model Fit Fitmodel Abs Delts Shoulders Legs Hardbody Flex Muscular Interviews MuscleMag Bodybuilder Biceps Triceps Glutes Feet Foot Sexy Hot "The Arnold Classic" "The Olympia" Veins "Get Big" Bikini Culturismo "aptitud física" Física…2012-08-14T18:09:05.000Z

Hunter’s fitness modeling career appears to not be a priority any more. She no longer has an Instagram page online and her Twitter hasn’t been updated since May 2015. The bio on that page described Hunter as:

Farm girl, Titled Swimwear and Fitness Competitor, Bikini Universe Finalist, Mother of 3 Strong Boys, Personal Trainer.

While Hunter’s Model Mayhem page hasn’t been updated since May 2012. Hunter makes it clear on that profile that she does not do nude photo shoots. Perhaps for nostalgic reasons stemming from her relationship with Allen, Hunter’s MySpace page remains online.

4. Hunter Says She’s ‘Just Surfing This Earth Trying to Find the True Point of Living’

Bikini Swimsuit Hawaiian Tropic Model Contest Winner Lauren HunterLauren Hunter interview with Lauren talks about what it takes to be a model and how she took a chance on submitting herself for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest and won.2010-06-23T00:03:13.000Z

During her modeling career, Hunter was based in Beverly Hills, California. Radar Online reports that Hunter and A-Rod met each other at an Equinox gym in Los Angeles in 2011.

Nowadays, Hunter has seemingly returned home to Illinois. Hunter’s Facebook page gives her location as O’Fallon, Illinois. Of the other limited information that can be taken from the page is Hunter’s assertion:

I am, nothing more than all I can be—I’m a human just surfing this earth trying to find the true point of living, BEING HAPPY!!!

5. A-Rod & J-Lo Were Most Recently Pictured Having a Family Day by the Pool With Their Kids

Jennifer Lopez dating


A-Rod and J-Lo first got together in late 2016. Their relationship was solidified by March when they were pictured in the Bahamas together.

Just before the Hunter scandal broke, J-Lo uploaded a photo of her and A-Rod with her twins, Maximillian David and Emme Maribel, 9, and his girls, Ella, 9, and Natasha Alexander, 12, having fun in the pool.

An unnamed source told Page Six that the couple are not putting too much stock in the Enquirer reports about Hunter. The source said, “He and Jennifer are together all the time. Every week the magazines write something ridiculous about their relationship, last week they were getting married, she’s pregnant. It’s laughable.”

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