‘Mountain Men’ 2017: Meet the Cast

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The new season of Mountain Men is here, and the cast will brave the wild as they make a life for themselves in the most remote mountain areas of the country. Things may not be going their way, but the reality TV stars must hunker down as they prepare to celebrate another brutal winter.

This year, Discovery will be offering fans a variety of fully enhanced episodes that will begin airing at 4pm ET/PT, the night of the season premiere.

Read on to learn more about the cast.

Tom Oar

Mountain Men Discovery, Cast of Mountain Men on Discovery Channel, Tom Oar Mountain Men Cast


Last year, Tom committed to living in Montana, where he decided to take on the grueling temperatures and snow. This time around, he and his brother, Jack, and headed out to Big Sky country once again. The pair will be harvesting a 500-lb bull elk to get them through the cold winter.

Oar is 74-years-old, and makes a living tanning wild game and crafting traditional buckskin moccasins. In an interview with American Cowboy in 2013, Tom was asked how he came to settle in Montana’s Yaak Valley. He said, “There came a point in our life where we figured the majority of rodeoing was over, and we wanted to move to Montana and build a log house. So we bought a chainsaw in Illinois to build a house with when we got here. We bought an acre-and-a-half that had a little two-room log cabin on it and we lived in that while we built the house.”

Marty Meierotto

Mountain Men Discovery, Cast of Mountain Men on Discovery Channel, Tom Oar Mountain Men Cast


Mary Meierotto was caught off-guard last year when his main line stopped producing fur. This time around, he’s headed into Alaska’s Revelation Mountains with plans to secure a log cabin home that will serve as a home for the winter.

After making the cover of Field and Stream in 2010, the always-humble expert survivalist said, “It’s flattering, but at the same time, it’s a little embarrassing… I’m going to get a lot of ribbing over it.”

Eustace Conway

Mountain Men Discovery, Cast of Mountain Men on Discovery Channel, Tom Oar Mountain Men Cast


Eustace has been involved in building a grassroots lumber operation as of late. This year, he hopes his new shed and wood burning truck will help him secure a profit. Conway will be spending his time in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in a particularly remote area with no road access.

Rich Lewis

Mountain Men Discovery, Cast of Mountain Men on Discovery Channel, Tom Oar Mountain Men Cast


Rich Lewis has made his mark on Ruby Valley, and is ready to endure another season of tracking down predators. In the words of the History Channel, Lewis will “step up his role as the vigilante protector of Ruby Valley” as he and his ranchers work to keep the area safe from wolves.

Morgan Beasley

Mountain Men Discovery, Cast of Mountain Men on Discovery Channel, Tom Oar Mountain Men Cast


Morgan has been living off the land for the past ten years. These days, he spends his time in a small, portable home he built for himself by hand. Morgan hunts and grows his own food off the coast of Alaska and sells surplus. He starts off this season trekking to the plot of land he’s purchased 250 miles away.

Jason Hawk

Discovery Channel Mountain Men, Meet the Cast of Mountain Men on Discovery Channel, Mountain Men Tom Oar


Jason is a bladesmith, hunter, and homesteader who’s been living the mountain man way of life since he was born. Hawk was born in the Ozarks of Arkansas and spent 38 years living as a survivalist. According to the History Channel’s website, he’s practiced a philosophy of harmony with nature which has served him well his entire life.

In the Arizona’s Sonoran desert, Jason supported his wife Mary and their six-year-old daughter, River, by solely living off the land. This year, Jason’s family is attempting to turn their Civil War-era farm into a home.