Pelican 212 Band Members: Meet the Family Musicians On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Tonight airs another round of auditions for season 12 of America’s Got Talent and a family band called Pelican 212 is set to appear. And, according to Pensacola News Journal, the band is made up of seven of Linda and John Rees’ 10 children, ranging in age from 9 to big-sister and band conductor Katie Rees, who is in her 30s. As a whole, the band is made up of Katie, Max and Kolbe, Angelle, Giovanni, Mollie and Marie. Max and Kolbe are actually twins. The band’s official website describes the band as this:

Pelican 212 is a band of brothers and sisters that honed their skills busking on the sidewalks of Nashville, New Orleans and Pensacola.

Band member Katie talked about how she and her siblings first got into playing music, telling KATC:

I just fell in love with music and I asked my parents, ‘Can I please have a fiddle?’ Yea I think I was four or five years old. So when the little kids, as soon as they could walk, they were picking up instruments. I think they just figured, this is what you do. You learn to walk, you learn to talk, you learn to sing, you learn to play an instrument.

Mollie’s memory of starting to perform was this:

I watched my brother practice, so dad taught my brothers and I just watched. And so one day, I just picked up the trumpet and started playing.

Below is the list of band members, along with what they play:

Katie – guitar and vocals
Angelle – piano, drums and vocals
Marie – trombone, bass and vocals
Max – trumpet, drums and vocals
Kolbe – trumpet and vocals
Giovanni – trumpet and vocals
Mollie – trumpet, drums and vocals

Pelican212 Performs At Inaugural BallNashville-based band Pelican212 performed at President Donald Trump's inaugural ball.2017-01-21T02:34:53.000Z

Being on AGT isn’t the band’s first time on TV and it isn’t their first time on the NBC network either, as they previously were featured on the show Little Big Shots. Pelican 212 has also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed during Donald Trump‘s Inaugural Ball. Just Jared also reported that they were performing at the Freedom and Liberty Balls as well.

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