‘The Bachelorette’ 2017 Spoilers: Episode 4 – 6/19/2017

Last week, Bachelorette fans had to sit tight while the NBA Finals aired in lieu of a new episode. But, this week, the show is back on track. What has definitely changed in the meantime, is the schedule of Bachelor In Paradise, which has been set to premiere after The Bachelorette ends this season in August 2017. After allegations of sexual misconduct, the cast has been dismissed an an investigation has launched. But, let’s take a break from the BIP chaos to focus on Rachel Lindsay’s journey. Tonight’s official synopsis describes the episode as this:

Eric asks the rest of the bachelors to stop talking about him to Rachel; two men get into an argument, distracting Rachel, after the rose ceremony. Rachel and the men travel to South Carolina.

Now that you have an idea of what you’re getting into on the show tonight, let’s get into the episode details and spoilers … But, DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WINNER SPOILERS THIS SEASON.

Dean Unglert Goes On a Solo Date

Unglert is one of the contestants who got to meet Lindsay prior to the start of the season, via Nick Viall’s After the Final Rose Special. And, on tonight’s episode, Unglert opens up to Lindsay on a solo date. This is a guy to keep an eye on as he makes it pretty far in the competition, according to Reality Steve. As for his date with Lindsay tonight, ABC describes it in a press release, writing that:

The men are envious when Rachel taps one man for the first date, hoping to take their relationship to new heights – figuratively and literally – as they sight-see via the Goodyear Blimp despite the bachelor’s fear of heights. At dinner, this man struggles to open up with Rachel and share his tragic history. She leads her date to one more surprise – a romantic slow dance to the music of emerging country star Russell Dickerson in a special concert.

It’s safe to say that Unglert gets a rose on his solo date.

Jack Stone Gets Sent Home During a Date With Lindsay

On Jack Stone’s solo date with Lindsay, Reality Steve reports that, “They went Shuckin’ and Shaggin’. Jack didn’t get a rose on this date and was sent home.” So, it looks like this date doesn’t go over too well with the couple.

Several of the Contestants Begin to Clash

Before we get into all the drama between the contestants, let’s talk about the group date on tonight’s show. Reality Steve reports that the men who go on the group date are Jonathan, Alex, Peter, Will, Bryan, Eric, Josiah, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Adam, Anthony, and Matt. And, on the date, they have a party on a boat and also participate in a Spelling Bee, which contestant Josiah wins.

As for all the drama, ABC gives us a little info on it, writing:

The contentious cocktail party continues, as a frustrated Eric implores the rest of bachelors to stop talking about him to Rachel. While most of the men are perfectly content to skip the drama, one calculating guy, Lee, deceptively steals Rachel away from Kenny for a second conversation. The two bachelors’ confrontation sets off a heated argument, totally distracting Rachel as she attempts to better acquaint herself with the other men. So she makes a decision that surprises all of the bachelors. After the rose ceremony, the remaining men leave the mansion to travel to beautiful, peaceful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

And, as if this drama wasn’t enough, there is said to be more during the after party of tonight’s group date. ABC states:

The after party becomes the backdrop for more tension between one overconfident guy and another man who tries throwing shade on him to Rachel. But the drama isn’t over, as two other men with unresolved issues confront one another about their behavior and both must own up to Rachel, trying to defend themselves. Frustrated by one guy’s deceptive tactics, the other man takes him outside the party for one of the most intense confrontations of the season.

And the Eliminations Are …

On tonight’s episode, Jack Stone reportedly gets the boot during his group date. Leftover from last week’s contestants, those who get sent home include Brady Ervin, Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland, and Bryce Powers. And, for the following rose ceremony, the contestants saying goodbye are Jonathan Treece and Iggy Rodriguez.



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