‘Twin Peaks’ Episode 8: What Is the Convenience Store? [VIDEOS]

A still from Twin Peaks. (Showtime)

A convenience store was a major part of Twin Peaks Episode 8 this week, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this particular location. Here’s everything we know about the Convenience Store.

Spoilers through Season 3 Episode 8 below. 

The Convenience Store Seems To Be a Home for Demons

Robert Broski in a still from Twin Peaks. (Showtime)

In this week’s Episode 8, it became pretty clear that the Convenience Store is a home for demonic activity. It was absolutely swarming with burnt-out demonic woodsmen, walking in-and-out and back-and-forth, after BOB’s birth in the 1945 atomic explosion at White Sands.

BOB and MIKE Lived in the Convenience Store

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Convenience Store. In one of Cooper’s dreams, MIKE told him that he and BOB lived above a convenience store for several years, raping and murdering people. But one day MIKE saw the face of God and was changed forever. He cut off his arm, which said MOM on it, to rid himself of evil. He then devoted himself to stopping BOB.

MIKE’s arm became The Man From Another Place (aka the Tree Brain.) It seems to have either always been a separate entity, once associated with BOB, or became its own entity after BOB cut it off. Similarly, MIKE referred to BOB as his “familiar” back when they were killing together, which seems to imply that he had some degree of control over BOB until they split.

In 1989, MIKE harassed Leland and Laura Palmer while he was in Gerard’s body. This was the infamous scene where he accused Leland of stealing corn (aka garmonbozia aka pain and suffering) from “above the convenience store.”

As MIKE explained once to Cooper:

We lived among the people. I think you say, convenience store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is, like it sounds…”

It sounds like the room above the Convenience Store is a portal of sorts between two worlds. Perhaps like that one area in the forest in Twin Peaks.

BOB, The Man From Another Place, and Others Appeared Together in the Convenience Store in ‘Fire Walk With Me’

In Fire Walk With Me, we see a few scenes where all the supernatural creatures are together, talking and hanging out, in the room above the Convenience Store. Here’s one photo:

Fire Walk With Me

BOB and The Man From Another Place are eating garmonbozia (people’s pain and suffering.) The old woman (Mrs. Tremond) and the little boy who’s a magician are also here. But remember, the old woman does not like creamed corn. She apparently doesn’t like to live off people’s pain and suffering.

You can also see two woodsmen. It’s unclear if these are the same entities who are burned to a crisp and walking around in Episode 8, or if they’re distantly related somehow.

The website DavidLynch.IT shares some dialogue from the original script for this scene, which gives us more insight into what’s going on. The First Woodsman says: “We have descended from pure air.” And TMFAP says, “Going up and down. Intercourse between two worlds.” And BOB says, “Light of new discoveries.” In the clip from Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, TMFAP says, “From pure air we have descended. From pure air. Going up and down. Intercourse between the two worlds.” And the woodsman says, “Animal life.”

Interestingly, “Got a light?” was the phrase said by the burned up woodsman over and over in Episode 8. Perhaps he was referencing the “light of new discoveries.” Or perhaps BOB’s statement in Fire Walk With Me was a reference to how they gained passage to Earth thanks to the new discovery of the atomic bomb.

The statement that they “descended from pure air” also fits a bit well with the poem the Burned Up Woodsman repeats: “Drink full and descend.”

Here are two scenes from the room above the convenience store.

Twin peaks: Above the convenience store – VostfrROOM ABOVE THE CONVENIENCE STORE SIX PEOPLE in a large, barren, filthy room. Cheap plastic storm windows flap in the cold wind. In the foreground the Man From Another Place (Mike) and BOB sit at a formica table. Behind them on plastic torn chairs huddle MRS. TREMOND and her GRANDSON. TWO BIG WOODSMEN with full…2014-03-28T21:10:06.000Z

These scenes are slightly different because one was from Fire Walk With Me and one was from Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces. 

VideoVideo related to ‘twin peaks’ episode 8: what is the convenience store? [videos]2017-06-26T04:11:53-04:00

What do you think of these scenes? Do they shed light on the Convenience Store as seen in Episode 8? Let us know in the comments below.

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