What Happened to Ofelia on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’?

(AMC/Fear the Walking Dead)

What happened to Ofelia on Fear the Walking Dead? (This post will have spoilers through Season 3 Episode 4, plus potential spoilers in the form of theories.) A big part of Season 3 Episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, when we watched Daniel Salazar’s survival and rise to power, was his search for his daughter, Ofelia.  Fans may not remember exactly where we left off with her, but there are some pretty intriguing theories about where she is now.

The last time we officially saw Ofelia, she and Alicia were in the hotel in Mexico, collecting clothes and food from rooms that didn’t have any infected in them. (This was in Season 2.) The search is pretty gut-wrenching, as they found one man in a room who had killed himself and subsequently turned into a walker. As they’re in another room, Alicia is wondering what happened to him and why he decided to kill himself. Ofelia suggests that he was just tired of surviving. She adds that she doesn’t think they’re going to survive either.

After Alicia takes a shower, Ofelia is gone and Alicia doesn’t see her again. There was a lot of speculation that Ofelia may have jumped out of the hotel balcony but we later learn that’s not what happened. In fact, Ofelia left the group and stole a truck, searching for her boyfriend William. William had asked Ofelia to move to Santa Fe with him, but she didn’t want to leave her parents.

Her truck broke down in the Mexico desert and she fled a horde of walkers. As she walked through the desert, someone started shooting at her. He found her hiding behind a tree and said, “Welcome to America.”

There’s speculation that the man who said this to her is none other than Jeremiah, owner of the sanctuary where Madison, Nick, and Alicia are currently living.


The man in this scene was Dayton Callie, the same man who plays Jeremiah Otto on FTWD.

So what did he do with Ofelia?

The running theory is that she’s been held captive somewhere on the property or in one of their satellite locations. Some viewers think that Jeremiah’s group might also be white supremacists. They treated Travis and Nick and Luciana very differently from Alicia and Madison. It’s not known if this was because Madison and Alicia were healthy women and because the people selected for the “experiment” were healthy men or the injured/sick, or if the choices were made on the basis of race, too. If there’s a race element, that might be why Ofelia never saw the inside of the sanctuary, as far as we know.

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