POLL: Will George R. R. Martin Ever Finish The Winds of Winter?

Will GRRM ever finish The Winds of Winter? (Getty)

News about Nightflyers on Syfy sent fans into a panic, thinking it would delay George R. R. Martin from finishing The Winds of Winter even more. But Martin assured fans that he was not involved in this show, since he has a contractual obligation to stay exclusive to HBO. But fans are still wondering if he’s ever going to finish The Winds of Winter and, if so, when. Some fans think the book’s release could still happen any day now. But other fans have given up hope and believe we’ll never see The Winds of Winter, much less the next and final book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dream of Spring.

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A Dance with Dragons was released July 2011, almost six years ago. This isn’t unusual for Martin. The book prior to A Dance with Dragons, called A Feast for Crows, was published in November 2005. And the book before that was published in November 2000. So Martin is known for having long gaps of time between his books. But this one is the longest and fans are starting to lose hope since he has so many other irons in the fire. He’s continuing to write for different books, he’s helping with Game of Thrones spinoffs, and he may even have another project with HBO that’s unrelated to the Westeros universe.

The Inverse published a hopeful story just a few days ago, hinting that The Winds of Winter might be released before the final season of Game of Thrones. Because of its filming schedule, the final season may not air until two years after Season 7. (That part is not hopeful, but really sad!) This could theoretically give Martin time to get the second-to-last book in his series published before it airs.

But will he? Or will he still find other projects to distract him?

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