Top 10 Best Patriotic Songs to Celebrate 4th of July Playlist 2017

4th of july playlist, patriotic songs

It’s time to load up your 4th of July playlist for your barbecues and holiday celebrations. Check out these Top 10 songs that would fit right in with your music selection for the Fourth.

1. Born In the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen

This Springsteen song is a classic hit, as are several of the songs listed below. Not only is “Born In the USA” the name of the song, it is also the name of Springsteen’s seventh studio album. The album became one of Springsteen’s highest-selling records, featuring additional hit songs such as “Glory Days” and “Dancing In the Dark”.

2. American Boy by Estelle featuring Kanye West

This is a fun and upbeat song by Estelle, which features Kanye West and it came out a few years ago, in 2008. Currently, Estelle has a new album and she’s released her latest single “Love Like Our’s”. As for Kanye West, recently he was in the media over speculation that Jay-Z dissed him on his new album “4:44.”

3. R.O.C.K. In the U.S.A by John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp’s song “ROCK In the USA” is an American classic and Mellencamp is an icon. Recently, he told CBS News that he actually attributes his singing voice to smoking and he doesn’t seem to play on slowing down his habit any time soon. Overcoming a heart attack at age 42, one would think that Mellencamp would be a bit more health-conscious. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case, as fans will see when his interview broadcasts on CBS’ Sunday Morning show on July 2, 2017.

4. Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus may have come a long way since Hannah Montana and “Party In the USA,” but she still knows how to sing and make people dance. Currently, Cyrus is embracing her Malibu style and latest music, while gearing up for a new season of The Voice as a coach again. Jennifer Hudson has also come on board with Cyrus as a judge on the show, which means that Alicia Keys is definitely off the show.

5. Home by Dierks Bentley

There are tons of country songs that are great for Independence Day, as they are patriotic, and this is one of them. Currently, music artist Dierks Bentley is on his What the Hell Tour and he gushed to Billboard that: I think our shows are the best they’ve ever been. I’m more present now than I’ve ever been. I think this gratitude for getting here — it’s been a long road to get here — I’m able to look back at it now and be like, I’ve got all these semi trucks, all these fans, playing venues we’ve never had the chance to play before and we’re selling them out. It’s not about numbers, it’s about being in awe and feeling the joy and wonder of doing this probably more than ever.

6. Surfin’ U.S.A. by The Beach Boys

It’s hard to believe that the Beach Boys hit song “Surfin’ U.S.A.” came out all the way back in 1963. Recently, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, released “1967: Sunshine Tomorrow”, as reported by Paste Magazine.

7. I’m American by Billy Ray Cyrus

This year actually marks the 25th anniversary of Cyrus’ old hit song “Achy Breaky Heart” and with this celebration, also comes a big change. Billy Ray Cyrus has decided to change his stage name, telling Rolling Stone: After August 25th, I will be the artist formerly known as Billy Ray. I’m just going by my last name Cyrus. I always went by Cyrus, and I begged Mercury Records to call me Cyrus in the beginning because that’s what I was comfortable with. I’m going to the hospital where I was born in Bellefonte, Kentucky, and legally changing my name. In addition to the name change, Cyrus is also gearing up for another season of the TV show Still the King and he’s working on new music.

8. American Pie by Don McLean

This classic song came out in 1971 and a couple years ago, its singer Don McLean talked to The Washington Post about the meaning behind the song. McLean described it as this: It was an indescribable photograph of America that I tried to capture in words and music. He also revealed that the song was inspired by the 1959 plane crash that killed singers Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson, aka “the Big Bopper.”

9. Song of the Patriot by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is a legend in country music and Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, is putting together “Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music”, a new Johnny Cash album, though his father has been long gone for many years. Sounds Like Nashville reports that several big names will participate in the tribute album and they include Brad Paisley, Jamey Johnson, Kacey Musgraves, Jewel, and Ruston Kelly. In addition, rock musician Chris Cornell, who has since passed away, also contributed to the album, prior to his death.

10. Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down Featuring The National Guard

3 Doors Down is known for songs like “Kryptonite” and “Be Like That”. They are also known for supporting US troops and military veterans.