WATCH: Alex Jones’ Rants As Bon Iver-Inspired Song

Super Deluxe, a multimedia production company, has compiled some of Alex Jones’ rants and turned them into a Bon Iver-style song. Watch the video and listen to the song above. The video has 2.5 million views on YouTube and over 45 thousand shares on Facebook at the time of this writing.

The about section on Super Deluxe’s Facebook page reads:

Super Deluxe is an omni-platform entertainment company committed to amplifying unconventional creative voices. With online video for social feeds, TV series, documentaries, interactive live experiences, and experimental tech products, Super Deluxe provokes and inspires young cultural creatives.

Jones is infamous for his unhinged rants and conspiratorial accusations on topics ranging from alleging the 9/11 was an inside job to helping spread the “Pizzagate” conspiracy, according to Vox.

Jones’ website, Infowars, attracts over 4 million unique U.S. users each month


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“The video has 2.5 million views on YouTube” – It now has 1.8 million. How is that possible? BTW – This article should be updated with the new versions (more than 1) that have articles and videos to support every statement said in the song/rant, including people with greeny-looking skin saying they love satan and kill babies. The Hampstead Cult children telling the police that they eat babies. An email by Podesta, that Hillary smells like boiled cabbage, urine, and farts. Obama telling a crowd that it was said both he and Hillary smell like sulphur. A story about the Lord of the Rings and how Trump is battling the goblins.”Literal” meant literary sense. And more fragmented sentences worth of articles and videos. In fairness, the article should be updated with these new support.videos.


This reminds me of the daily rants at by sundry “AnnoyingMice”!… many of whom are “dyed in the wool supporters” of Trump!… and, even of Alex Jones! I’ve labeled their rants, Anastrophopathy!… and the treatment of such, Anastrophopathiatry!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!

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